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Aruna Shields
Aruna shields photoshoot1.jpg
Born London, United Kingdom
Occupation Actress
Years active 2002−Present

Aruna Shields is a British model, actress, filmmaker and therapist. She debuted in Bollywood with the film Prince.


Shields', while at a theatrical workshop, was spotted by an acting agent. Her earlier works include working in theater for over a year. She also worked in various other leads in independent and feature films like Mission Improbable (2007), Live Bait (1997) and Private Moments (2005).[1]

She made her Bollywood debut in 2010, in the action thriller, Prince. The same year, It is also commonly said in India that She was in love With Vivek Obroi after shooting of Prince, she appeared in the epic adventure Ao The Last Neanderthal, a love story set 30,000 years ago in a lost savage world. The film was produced by European cinema chain UGC.

Her film Mr Singh Mrs Mehta, was released on 25 June 2010.[2]

Aruna is also a dance choreographer and has experience as a belly dancer.[3]

According to Google zeitgeist, in the year 2010, Aruna was the number one most sought-after actress in internet queries originating from India.[4]

Shields' has a wellbeing channel on YouTube called Aruna Shields TV, which began in 2015. [5]

She studied Hypnosis and Psychotherapy at Masters level at the National Colleges in London and also trained in Mindfulness. [6]


Year Feature Film[7] Role Other Notes
2005 Private Moments Saira Malik
2007 Mission Improbable[8]
2010 Prince Maya
Mr Singh Mrs Mehta Neera Singh
Ao, Le Dernier Néandertal[9] Aki
2011 Dhada[10] Item no song
2012 Vanilla Sundae[11] Jazz Kaur


Television Role Comment
Uncovering Iran Terrorist BBC
Breakfast with Frost Guest BBC
Byker Grove Love interest Sir David Frost


Commercials Role Comment
LYNX / AXE ...Lynx Blow Interactive cave girl *award winning* Dare
Pantene PRO V Herself Rankin/ digital


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