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The Arunattu Vellalar (Tamil: ஆறுநாட்டு வெள்ளாளர்) or Arunadu Vellalar (Tamil: ஆறுநாடு வெள்ளாளர்) is a subcaste of the Vellalar caste from India. The Vellaalas originally belonging to six 'naadus' (equivalent to taluqs of today) near Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu bonded themselves into a sub-caste named as Arunattu Vellalar. For reasons unknown they migrated to the Tiruchirapalli district over time. Their defining characteristic is that it is absolutely mandatory that the men should not marry the daughter of one's own sibling-sister. An equally defining practice of this sub-csste is the entire mangalasuthra is mandated to be in gold wrought into the shape of a string; until recently the mangalasutra was a circle of gold rod to which the 'thaali' coins were attached at the front. Until a few years ago, widows of any age were allowed only to wear pure white sarees. A large proportion of these vellalars live in and around Thuraiyur town and surrounding villages, of Tiruchirapalli district. They are also concentrated in villages around Musiri town. Apart from these, they live in many villages near Manachanallur . They also live in Natham Kovilpatti in Dindigul District. Many of them have migrated to Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Canada and USA:

Arunattu Vellalar - Kothra / Gothra / Gowthram

Kothra/Gothra/Gowtharam traces to one's origin in the family tree and determines the inter-gowtharm relationship. It is also used to determine marriage ability between two members of Arunattu Vellalar. The different Gowthrams, Prime God of Worship (Kula Theivam in Tamil) for the families of that gowthram, the location (Town/Village) of the Temple (Kula Theiva Koil in Tamil) [1] are:

No. Gowthram God of Worship Location of temple of God of worship
1 Alattutaiyan Arulmigu Mangayee Amman Alattutaiyanpatti
2 Ethumalaiudayan Arulmigu Neelavanathi Amman Edhumalai
3 Kaarudaiyan Arulmigu Sellaye Amman Karukudi
4 Kalappalan Arulmigu Aadaykalam Katha Amman Oomanthur
5 Kalathudayan Arulmigu Ellai Amman Samayaburam
6 Konnakudaiyan Arulmigu Anagalaparameswari Serukudi
7 Koonudaiyan Arulmigu Periyandavar Kovil Muthaiyan Vadakkuthathamangalam
8 Koothudaiyan Arulmigu Sellaye Amman Pungaisanganthi
9 Kunakathudaiyan Arulmigu Papathi Amman Sathanur/Abinimangalam
10 Kuruvaludaiyan Arulmigu Karrupu Oomanthur
11 Kuthudaiyan Arulmigu Sellandi Amman Sirukanur
12 Marudhudaiyan Arulmigu Thatichi Amman Sathanur
13 Mathudaiyan Arulmigu Venkatachalapathy Thirupathi
14 Mirathudaiyan Arulmigu Periyakovil Deivangal Komanthur
15 Murugathudaiyan Arulmigu Sellayee Amman Surampatti
16 Muraikara Sathudaiyan Aruilmigu Thayumanavar Samy Malaikottai
17 Nalludaiyan Arulmigu Papathi Amman Nallur
18 Nathamudaiyan Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman Reddiyapatti
19 Nimaludaiyan Arulmigu Aalai Muthaiyan Illupayur
20 Panaiyadiyan Arulmigu Ayyanar Sirukudi
21 Pavaludaiyan Arulmigu Ayyanar Serukudi
22 Pundiludaiyan Arulmigu Elayee Amman Surampatti
23 Samayamanthiri Arulmigu Aravayi Amman Mangalam
24 Sannamangalathudaiyan Arulmigu Puthu Karrupannaswamy Sannamangalam
25 Sathudaiyan Arulmigu Srirangam Aranganathar Srirangam
26 Siruthalandudaiyan Arulmigu Aeramveeli Amman Kariyamanickam
27 Thetumangalathudaiyan Arulmigu Vellankarrupu Kannangudi
28 Thevangudaitan Arulmigu Pachai Amman Sathanur
29 Thirusanggudaiyan Arulmigu Venkatachalapathi Siiyampalayam
30 Valavuthirainallathambi Arulmigu Karrupanaswamy Palaiyur
31 Velanchakravarthi Arulmigu Arapalisvara Kollimalai
32 Vennavaludaiyan Arulmigu Irrani Amman Thiruvannaikaval
33 Vilvarayan Arulmigu Venkatachalapathy Thirupathi

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The major occupation of the caste used to be agriculture and most of them now concentrate on business and trading.[2]


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