Arutz HaYeladim

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Arutz HaYeladim
Launched 1989
Country Israel
Broadcast area Nationwide
Website Arutz HaYeladim
yes Channel 90
HOT Channel 80 (6 in analog cable)

Arutz HaYeladim (Hebrew: ערוץ הילדים‎, The Kids' Channel) is an Israeli kids cable television channel. It was one of the first cable channels in Israel with Arutz HaMishpaha, Arutz HaSratim and Arutz Hasport.


The channel first launched in 1989, as a part of Israeli cable's trial broadcasting prior to the 1990 official launch. At first the channel broadcast only 2 hours a day, and in its first 2 years was based primarily on purchased programs. In 1991, the channel began involving segments with human hosts and presenters. These segments grew to bigger live shows over the years and gave some of the presenters their tickets to stardom. The channel's growing popularity among children also led to many educational campaigns, regarding issues such as safety and tolerance.

In 1996, the channel's content was transferred to the control of the new company "Noga Tikshoret" ("Venus communication"), and saw the channel updating its programming to more interactive nature while also adding more original programs - a direction that the channel is following to this day.

2005 saw the departure of Oded Menashe after 14 years as a presenter in the channel, and the last of the "original" presenters from the channel's first years. at the time, Menashe also held the record of staying in the channel longer than any other presenter. As of 2012, Menashe's record was surpassed by Tal Mosseri, who joined the channel in 1997 and is now the veteran host. Besides Menashe, Museri and Kobi Machat who joined the channel in 2000 and left in early 2012, none of the other presenters, past or present, has ever stayed in the channel for more than 9 consecutive years.

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