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Arvagh (Irish: Ármhach, meaning "Battlefield") or Arva, is a town in County Cavan, Ireland, on the shores of Garty Lough and overlooked by Bruse Mountain.[1] It is a scenic town situated in the centre of the drumlin belt. It lies on the border of Counties Longford and Leitrim and is famous as the town where the three provinces of Ulster, Leinster and Connacht meet, being located about 3 km southeast of the tripoint.[2]

Arva on fair day (1940s)


  • Arvagh has a hotel, the Breffni Arms Hotel, with a restaurant, bar, nightclub, swimming pool, spa, gym and there are several pubs in the town, many of which have music at the weekends.[2]


The Arvagh area was settled by Scottish planters in the early 17th century. A story is told that one of them, John Brown, sold the land here for a horse. The Earls of Gosford, the descendants of the man who bought it, developed the town in the early 19th century, building a Market House which is still standing.[3] In 1841 there were four pubs in the town and the monthly fairs were of considerable local trade importance.[1]

Ármhach (meaning "Place of Slaughter") was brought about because Arvagh is on the borders of 3 counties and provinces, Leitrim, Longford and Fermanagh (Connaght, Leinster and Ulster). The royal families of these counties would battle in Arvagh and as a result many died, Hence "Place of Slaughter".


Places of interest[edit]

  • Arvagh Market House is a nine-bay, two-storey building built before 1837 by the Earl of Gosford. It may have been designed by W D Butler. The outer six bays have been greatly altered and appear now as two three-bay houses.[4]
  • Nearby Bruse Mountain is a small hill topped with three stone cairns, dating from the Neolithic period.[2]


Arva Road railway station on the erstwhile Killashandra branch was the nearest station to Arvagh. Whartons operate a bus service serving Arva.[5]


The area is very popular for fishing and lakes such as Hollybank, Gulladoo and Rockfield offer excellent angling all year round. The Arvagh International Fishing Festival takes place in Arvagh every September.[2]


In the 1841 Census Arvagh had a population of 615.[1]


William H. Bleakley (1888–1929), born in Arvagh, went to America in 1905. He was a pioneer of aviation and was the first to perform the aerobatic feat of looping the loop.[3] He attempted to set an altitude record in 1928 and crashed and died in 1929.[6]

Siva Kaneswaran (1988-), member of British-Irish boyband The Wanted, he was born in Dublin and moved to Arvagh as a teenager.[7]

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