Arvand Free Zone

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Arvand Free Zone
Type Free Economic Zone
Headquarters Abadan, khorramshahr, Iran
Website [ Arvand Free Zone]
Easterly view of the Karoon River at Khorramshahr[1]

The Arvand Freezone is a 155 square kilometer industrial and security zone that surrounds Khorramshahr, Abadan, and Minoo Island along the Arvand waterway (known as Shatt al-Arab in Iraq) in Khuzestan Province, Iran.


The website of the Arvand Freezone Organisation lists some of its goals, including:

  • Commercial and industrial development
  • Job creation
  • Increasing national income
  • Stabilization of national security [1]

According to an agreement made between Arvand Free Trade Zone and the Oil Ministry, an oil refinery that is to be constructed in the vicinity of the zone will raise the momentum of economic growth of the province.[2]


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