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Arvid Adolf Etholén by J. E. Lindh, 1839

Adolf Karlovich Etolin, lso Arvid Adolf Etholén, Russian: Адольф Карлович Этолин (January 9, 1799 - March 29, 1876) was a naval officer, explorer and administrator who was employed by the Russian-American Company. He was a Swedish-speaking Finn who was born in Helsinki, Finland. Etholén first reached Sitka in the service of the Russian-American Company in 1818, rising to Chief Manager of the Company 1840-1845 (Chief Manager was a position sometimes referred to, though incorrectly, as Governor).


Etolin traveled from Russia to America with Vasily Golovnin on the Kamchatka in 1817, and he is mentioned in Kiril Timofeevich Khlĕbnikov's Baranov, Chief Manager of the Russian Colonies in America (1835), with the following comment on Baranov’s part: “If only the Main Office could have sent me men like yourselves earlier, then I would very likely have had more success, and I would have found it pleasant to pass the time in their company!”.[1]

Etolin served from 1818 to 1825 as a ship master. He was part of a group that surveyed the Bering Sea in 1822 to 1824. He was the adjutant for the governor of Russian America in 1834, and became governor ("Chief Manager") of Russian America from 1840 to 1845. He was a member of the board of the Russian-American Company in Saint Petersburg, Russia from 1847 to 1859. Etolin died in Elimäki, Finland.


The name Etolin, based on the Russian version of Etholén's name, Adolf Karlovich Etolin can be found in several places on the map of Alaska. Etolin Island was named after Etolin by the United States in the wake of the Alaska Purchase of 1867 (it was formerly the Duke of York's Island). There is also Etolin Strait, as well as a cape, a point and a mountain.[2]

The Etholén collection (Etholén Alaskassa) in the National Museum of Finland contains a number of Alaskan ethnographic items.[3]


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