Arvid Gustavsson Sparre

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His Coat of Arms with the chevron

Arvid Gustavsson Sparre, Born 1245 in Vik, Balingsta and died in 1317 (at Nyköping Banquet). He was Lord of Ekholmen in Veckholm, Uppland, Sweden. He had in his Coat of Arms, a spar, which has retrospectively dubbed all the family named in genealogies as Sparre of Vik. He was the councillor of Eric, Duke of Södermanland and Valdemar of Finland.

  • child, Gustav Arvidsson, became knight and member of the Privy Council of Sweden, justiciar of Södermanland.
  • Arvid also had a child named Gisles Arvidsson Sparre with Helena (Elin) Magnusdotter Sture.