Arvid Jorm

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Arvid Jorm
Artist Arvid Jorm (1892-1964) taken in 1955.
Born Arvid Kornelius Johansson
12 October 1892
Göteborg, Sweden
Died 26 December 1964
Göteborg, Sweden

Arvid Kornelius Jorm (1892 – 1964) was a Swedish painter and graphic artist.[1] Jorm was born Arvid Johansson in Gothenburg in 1892, the son of a shopkeeper.[2] He changed his name to Arvid Jorm in 1919.[3] He studied at the Valand School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg under Axel Erdmann and Birger Simonsson, and in Copenhagen under Astrid Holm.[1][2] He did study trips to France, Italy and North Africa.[2] His work included Italian landscapes and town pictures, and Swedish landscapes, coastal and harbour pictures.[2][4] He worked in oils, watercolours, woodcuts, lithographs and etching.[2] Jorm’s art decorated a number of buildings in Sweden[1][2] including the ceiling of Skene Church, Skövde court house, and Liseberg in Gothenburg.[1][5] He died in Gothenburg in 1964.[1]


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