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Palais Roßbach, 1892
Amtsgericht Dresden

Max Arwed Roßbach (also spelled Rossbach, 24 November 1844 in Plauen - 31 December 1902 in Leipzig) was a Germany historicist architect from Saxony. He worked mainly in the Gründerzeit.

Selected works[edit]

In Leipzig he built a Neo-Gothic facade for the Paulinerkirche in 1897. He designed a new building for the university, the so-called Rotes Kolleg in 1891/92. In 1898/1901 he built for the Deutsche Bank, and the Neo-Roman Taborkirche, which was completed in 1904 after his death.

Roßbach built the theater in his birthplace Plauen (1889/99), the Landgericht (Court building) in Dresden (1890/92), and the Volkslesehalle in Jena (1898/1902).


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