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The Aryan League (also National Socialist Aryan League) is an Iranian Neo-Nazi political party. It was founded by former members of the Pan-Iranist Party who left that group due to their racialist beliefs. Their stated goal is, "To return to Iran and her Aryan people their pride and glorious legacy of six thousand years past. To reawaken and restore the ancient Aryan spiritual and cultural heritage and the total eradication of all foreign elements in the modern Iranian society."[citation needed]

The conservative Kayhan and Ettelaat newspapers have reported on the possibility that the NSAL and SUMKA actually originate from the Kabud Party, which was the original Nazi Party of Iran that was said to have been directly supported by Nazi Germany and later banned after the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran in 1941, but remained covertly active.

Political parties with Nazi or fascist inclinations have been banned in Iran since 1941. Since 1980, Iran has hate crime legislation which makes any type of racist political or social entities illegal[citation needed].