As Long as I Love

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As Long As I Love
Compilation album by Dolly Parton
Released April 1970
Genre Country music
Label Monument
Producer Fred Foster
Dolly Parton chronology
The Fairest of Them All
As Long As I Love
A Real Live Dolly

As Long As I Love is a 1970 album by singer-songwriter Dolly Parton and the first compilation album of her career.

This album consisted of previously unreleased tracks Parton had recorded while at Monument (she left the label in 1967 after having released only one album, to sign with RCA). Neither Parton nor Monument put much effort into promoting the album, and it did not chart, likely due to competition from Parton's then current RCA release The Fairest of Them All, as well as her then current duet album with Porter Wagoner, Porter Wayne and Dolly Rebecca.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Why, Why, Why" (Dolly Parton)
  2. "I Wound Easy" (Bill Owens)
  3. "I Don't Want You Around Me Anymore" (Parton)
  4. "Hillbilly Willy" (Parton)
  5. "This Boy Has Been Hurt" (Parton, Owens)
  6. "Daddy Won't Be Home Anymore" (Parton)
  7. "As Long As I Love" (Parton)
  8. "A Habit I Can't Break" (Owens)
  9. "I'm Not Worth The Tears" (Parton)
  10. "I Don't Trust Me Around You" (Owens)
  11. "I Couldn't Wait Forever" (Parton)
  12. "Too Lonely Too Long" (Parton)

The World of Dolly Parton and Other Re-Releases[edit]

In 1972, it was re-released with Hello, I'm Dolly, as a two-disck set, The World of Dolly Parton. Disc 1 contained the entire Hello, I'm Dolly tracklisting, and disc 2 contained the entire As Long As I Love tracklisting.

In 1975, that collection was reissued as Hello, I'm Dolly / As Long As I Love, and in 1978, Monument released In the Beginning, a single album of selected Parton tracks on the label.

In 1988, The World of Dolly Parton was reissued on two single-disc CDs (issued as Volume 1 and Volume 2).

This album is currently out of print.

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