As the Years Go Passing By

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"As The Years Go Passing By"
Song by Eric Burdon & The Animals from the album 'Love Is'
Released 1968
Recorded October 1968
Genre blues rock, psychedelic, acid jazz
Length 10:13
Label MGM
Writer Deadric Malone

"As The Years Go Passing By" is a song credited to have been written by ”Deadric Malone″ (a pseudonym of Don Robey). Other sources[who?] claim that the song was penned by Peppermint Harris for Fenton Robinson,[citation needed] who first recorded it in 1959. The most known versions are those by Albert King (1967) and Eric Burdon & The Animals, who recorded it for their last album, Love Is in 1968.

Other artists who covered As The Years Go Passing By are:

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