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Asahi Breweries, Ltd.
Native name アサヒビール株式会社
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Founded 1889
Headquarters Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
Products Beer

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. (アサヒビール株式会社 Asahi Bīru Kabushiki Gaisha?, TYO: 2502) is a leading brewery and soft drink company based in Tokyo, Japan. As of 2009, the company had a 40% share of the Japanese beer market.[1]

The company's primary beer, from 1957 through the late 1980s, was Asahi Gold (overtaking Asahi Draft, its original formula, which remains in production). In 1987 it introduced Asahi Super Dry, which initiated the Japanese craze for dry beer; this led in turn to Asahi's dramatic turnaround in business performance, and its surpassing of former second ranker Sapporo Brewery in sales and profits.[1]


Asahi was founded in Osaka in 1889 as the Osaka Beer Company (大阪麦酒会社 Ōsaka Bakushu Kaisha?).[2] During the First World War German prisoners worked in the brewery.[3]

In 1990, Asahi acquired a 19.9% stake in Australian brewery giant Elders IXL which has since become the Foster's Group.

In 2009, Asahi acquired the Australian beverages unit of Cadbury Schweppes.[4]

In early 2009, Asahi acquired 19.9% of Tsingtao Brewery from Anheuser-Busch InBev for $667 million. The sale made Asahi Breweries, Ltd. the second largest shareholder in Tsingtao behind only the Tsingtao Brewery Group.[5]

In July 2011, Asahi acquired New Zealand juice maker Charlie's and the water and juice divisions of Australian beverage company P&N Beverages.[6]

In August 2011, Asahi acquired New Zealand's Independent Liquor, maker of Vodka Cruiser and other alcoholic beverages, for ¥97.6 billion.[7] In May 2013 its New Zealand operations expanded with the purchase of retail chain Mill Liquorsave.[8]


Asahi Gold Beer

The main brand is Asahi Super Dry. Other beers produced include:

  • Asahi DraftLager (first produced in 1892)
  • Asahi Gold – Lager (former flagship product; first produced in 1957)
  • Asahi Stout
  • Asahi Z – Dry lager
  • Asahi BlackBlack lager
  • Asahi Prime Time – German Pilsener style lager (only available in Japan)

Asahi Beer Hall[edit]

Main article: Asahi Beer Hall

Asahi Breweries' headquarters in Tokyo were designed by French designer Philippe Starck. The Beer Hall is considered one of Tokyo's most recognizable modern structures.[2]

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