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Asana-Math is a Palatino-like OpenType mathematical font with advanced layout features based on the undocumented Microsoft mathematical OpenType layout extensions. It was developed by Apostolos Syropoulos, based on the Type 1 pxfonts by Young Ryu. Asana-Math is freely available under the Open Font License. The word Asana (Ἀσάνα, Asána) in the Doric dialect is the name of the Greek mythological goddess Athena.

The font can be used to typeset mathematics in Unicode using the free typesetting systems XeTeX and LuaTeX, derivatives of TeX, and with Microsoft Office 2007. It was the first free font that could be used instead of Microsoft's Cambria Math with these applications.


  • General OpenType features (oldstyle figures, stylistic alternatives for the calligraphic mathematical characters, dotless forms in mathematical alphanumeric, partial implementation of script style in mathematical alphanumeric).
  • Complete coverage of the Cherokee Unicode block.
  • Complete coverage of the Greek part of the Greek and Coptic Unicode block.
  • Almost complete coverage of all blocks containing mathematical symbols.


  • v. 000.930 Added some more experimental horizontal variants.
  • v. 000.931 Added some Spacing Modifier Letters.
  • v. 000.934 Added glyph for accent circumflex.
  • v. 000.935 Modified glyphs uni2257,uni2258, uni2259, uni225A, uni225B, uni225C, uni225D, uni225E, and uni225F.
  • v. 000.936 Modified glyphs uni22A7, uni22A8, and uni22AD.
  • v. 000.937 NUL character was visible!
  • v. 000.938 Added glyphs for characters uni27CE and uni27CF.
  • v. 000.939 Added glyphs uni2B51, uni27EE, uni27EF, uni27EC, and uni27EF.
  • v. 000.940 Modified hinting info and italic correction.
  • v. 000.941 Added certain punctuation symbols.
  • v. 000.942 Added Cherokee "letters".
  • v. 000.943 Fixed math kern for omega.
  • v. 000.944 Fixed math kern for math script letters.
  • v. 000.945 Value of constant DisplayOperatorMinHeight has been adjusted. Thanks to Mateus Araújo for finding what caused the problem of big display operators.

Older entries in the FontLog have been lost.

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