Asbjørn Berg-Hansen

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Asbjørn Berg-Hansen (September 14, 1912 – January 28, 1998) was a Norwegian boxer who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics.


Berg-Hansen was born and worked in Oslo as an electrician.

Amateur career[edit]

Norway's most successful flyweight boxer, winning eight national championships between 1936 and 1950 (no championships were held during the war) - seven in the flyweigh class, and one in bantam.

He was a member of the first official boxing contest between England and Norway on December 8, 1935 in the Oslo Colosseum; his opponent was Alfred Russell, which he would meet again a year later in the Olympics.

Olympic results[edit]

In 1936 he competed in the flyweight class and lost in the round of 16.


Norwegian Boxing Federation's gold watch, NBF's merit medal, NBF's honour badge, The King's Trophy for flyweight boxing and The King's Trophy for bantam boxing.