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Ascapart was a legendary giant, in legend conquered by Bevis of Hampton, though so huge as to carry Bevis, his wife, and horse under his arm. He was 30 feet tall but the smallest of his land. Ascapart was defeated after his club (made from a whole tree) was swung at Sir Bevis and became stuck in soft ground. Rather than slaying the giant however, Sir Bevis decided to make him his Squire. Later Ascapart betrayed Bevis and took his wife Josiane, who was imprisoned with Ascapart as her jailer. For this Ascapart was killed by Bevis' friends when they freed Josiane.

Large paintings of Sir Bevis and Ascupart can be found in the Southampton Bargate Monument Gallery.

J.R.R. Tolkien used this giant in his Lost Tales book, but under another name[weasel words].

Ascupart -

David Foster Wallace uses the term ascapartic several times in his novel Infinite Jest, in reference to this giant.