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Ash Atalla (born 18 June 1972)[1] is an Egyptian-born British television producer responsible for producing several British TV series such as The IT Crowd (in which he has cameoed), The Office and Man Stroke Woman. He has also made cameo appearances in productions such as Ricky Gervais' Politics.

Atalla made his first appearance on TV in 1999 when he co-presented a Channel 4 series on disability, Freak Out. In 2007, Atalla set up Roughcut TV, an independent production company. Atalla and Roughcut produced Trinity for ITV2 in 2008.[2] Roughcut TV has since produced multiple shows for all the UK's major broadcasters, including Trollied (Sky 1), Cuckoo (BBC Three), World's Craziest Fools - Starring Mr. T (BBC Three), Anna & Katy (Channel 4), People Just Do Nothing (BBC Three) and Mad Mad World (ITV 1). Roughcut also released its first iOS app in January 2013 - The Official Mr. T app.

Atalla developed polio as a baby, and uses a wheelchair. He was born into a middle-class family in Cairo.[3] He emigrated to London due to his father's job.[4]

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