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Ashley Baron-Cohen (born 1967 in London) is an independent English filmmaker also known as simply Ash.[1] He has a bachelor's degree in experimental psychology from Sussex University,[2] and trained as a filmmaker at the Pasadena Art Center. He currently resides in Los Angeles.[3]

While in film school, he persuaded Richard Harris to leave the set of Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven to star in his student film for free.[4]



  • 1997 - Bang - Top Ten Movies of the Year - Roger Ebert
  • 1997 - Bang - Top Ten Movies of the Year - Los Angeles Times
  • 1997 - Bang - Spirit Award Nominee - Best Newcomer
  • 1999 - Stockholm Film Festival - Nominated for "Bronze Horse" Award for Pups
  • 2000 - Cognac Festival du Film Policier - Won "New Blood" Award for Pups
  • 2000 - Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival - Won "Special Jury Prize" for Pups
  • 2005 - This Girl's Life - Best Actress - Milan International Film Festival
  • 2005 - This Girl's Life - Best Actress - Cinevegas Film Festival
  • 2005 - Little Warriors - U.S. TV Guide Winner - Outstanding Biographical Program


His brother is the academic Simon Baron-Cohen.

Ash is legally blind without his contact lens.[4]

He is the cousin of actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.


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