Ash Street Jail

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Ash Street Jail and Regional Lock-Up
Location New Bedford, MA
Status Operational
Opened 1888
Managed by Bristol County Sheriff Dept.
Director Thomas M. Hodgson

The Ash Street Jail and Regional Lock-Up, located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, is a jail for inmates who are awaiting trial from Bristol County, MA. The Ash Street Jail was built in 1888 on the site of the New Bedford House of Correction and the former New Bedford County Jail that was built in 1829. [1] It is currently overseen by Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson, who feels that although he has been heavily criticized[2] for keeping the 180-year old facility open, that keeping it open is a good idea because jail should be a place that "people don't want to return".[3] Due to alleged unsafe conditions, including the absence of automatic door locks, the jail has been the subject of lawsuits.

Notable inmates[edit]

At one point, the infamous Lizzie Borden was held and detained in the former Sheriff's Home beside the Ash Street Jail while during the trial. Lizzie Borden was detained for ten (10) months at the Bristol County Jail on Hodges Avenue in Taunton while awaiting trial.


Coordinates: 41°38′01″N 70°56′06″W / 41.63361°N 70.93500°W / 41.63361; -70.93500