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This article is about the school in Sydney, Australia. For the school in Belfast, Northern Ireland, see Ashfield Boys' High School.
Ashfield Tech, Boys' High School
Ashfield, New South Wales
Australia Australia
Coordinates 33°53′22″S 151°7′45″E / 33.88944°S 151.12917°E / -33.88944; 151.12917Coordinates: 33°53′22″S 151°7′45″E / 33.88944°S 151.12917°E / -33.88944; 151.12917
Type Public, Secondary, Single-sex, Day school
Motto Here We Decide
Established 1962
Principal Daisy Kokkalis
Enrolment 585 (7–12)[1]
Campus Suburban

Ashfield Boys' High School is a public secondary school for boys in Ashfield, an Inner West suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It can be found on Liverpool Road, just off Parramatta Road.


Part of the school land area was once used by the Australian Army[citation needed]. The land (gym and sheds) have since been acquired by the school and the site rebuilt.

The Drill Hall was built in the 1800s and was home to the local citizen militia and other volunteer military units. In 1913 the land was acquired by the Department of Defence as the Ashfield Corps continued to grow. In 1915 it was the second to last stop for the Gilgandra Rifle Club on their Cooee March before 240 men were sent to war. In 1939 the Army sheds were built to house armoured vehicles (25 in total). The last company to be stationed at the depot were the 3 Company Royal Australian Army Service Corps Infantry Division, leaving in the 1960s.

The second stage of a three part renovation was completed as of January 2007 which encompassed a new drama and music room, renovated woodwork and metalwork rooms as well as the addition of a new food technology kitchen. The first stage of the process comprised the new gym, oval and canteen block completed in 2003. The effect of the drought on the oval was devastating in 2006 but it now is at full capacity.

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