Ashok K. Chandra

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Ashok K. Chandra
Born 1948
Died November 14, 2014
Fields computer science
Institutions IBM Research
Microsoft Research
Alma mater Berkeley
Doctoral advisor Zohar Manna[1]
Known for conjunctive queries, alternating Turing machines

Ashok K. Chandra was a computer scientist at Microsoft Research in Mountain View, California, USA, where he was a general manager at the Internet Services Research Center.[2] Chandra received his PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University, an MS from University of California, Berkeley, and a BTech from IIT Kanpur. He was previously Director of Database and Distributed Systems at IBM Almaden Research Center.

Chandra co-authored several key papers in theoretical computer science. Among other contributions, he introduced alternating Turing machines in computational complexity (with Dexter Kozen and Larry Stockmeyer),[3][4] conjunctive queries in databases (with Philip M. Merlin),[5] computable queries (with David Harel),[6] and multiparty communication complexity (with Merrick L. Furst and Richard J. Lipton).[7]

He was a founder of the annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science and served as conference chair of the first three conferences, in 1986–8.[8] He is an IEEE Fellow.[9]


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