Ashteroth Karnaim

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Ashteroth Karnaim was a city in the land of Bashan east of the Jordan River, mentioned in Genesis 14:5 and Joshua 12:4 (where it is rendered solely as Ashteroth). The name translates literally to 'Ashteroth of the Horns', with 'Ashteroth' being a Canaanite fertitility goddess and 'horns' being symbolic of mountain peaks. It is possibly the same as Carnaim in First Maccabees and Carnion in Second Maccabees.

Al Churak is a modern site for Ashteroth-Karnaim proposed by Astori, being eight miles northeast of ancient ruins known as 'Draä'. Muzayrib is an ancient fortress town in this area that is supported by other archaeologists as being the ancient site of Ashteroth-Karnaim.