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Asia's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
AsiaNTM1 promo.jpg
Cycle 1 cast
Country of origin Singapore
No. of episodes 13[1]
Original channel STAR World
Original run November 25, 2012 (2012-11-25) – February 17, 2013 (2013-02-17)
Season chronology
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Cycle 2

Asia's Next Top Model, Cycle 1 (abbreviated as AsiasNTM or "AsNTM") is a reality television show in which a number of women compete for the title of Asia's Next Top Model and a chance to begin their career in the modeling industry. The show features aspiring models from the entire Asia-Pacific region. The international destinations for this cycle were Batam, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

This cycle's promotional song was Fashion Show by Cory Lee.

The winner of the competition was 27 year-old Jessica Amornkuldilok from Thailand.

Show Prizes[edit]

The prizes for this cycle are:

Episode summaries[edit]

Episode 1: Which Girl Can Handle the Limelight?[edit]

First aired November 25, 2012
Aired online December 14, 2012

The chosen fourteen girls were met by host Nadya Hutagalung at a high-end shopping district along Orchard Road in Singapore where she introduced the cycle's judging panel. Nadya then revealed that the girls would immediately get the competition started with a runway challenge. Some of the girls struggled with their outfit and walk, but ultimately it was Trang that was declared the winner, winning a $5,000 shopping spree from Wisma Atria for a new wardrobe.

  • Reward challenge winner: Thuy Trang Nguyen

After the challenge, the girls then move to their new house where they start to choose rooms and settle down.

The next day, the girls were brought to Little India for their first photo shoot where they were greeted by judge Daniel Boey along with designers Afton Chen and Louis Koh from Reckless Ericka. The girls were then ecstatic upon finding out that judge Todd Anthony Tyler would be their photographer for the shoot. They were then asked to model clothes from Reckless Ericka while working a prop and being quirky. Stephanie, Rachel, Jessica, and Helena impressed Tyler, most of the girls struggled to be quirky while working their prop.

After the shoot, Trang goes on a shopping spree as her prize for the challenge. Upon returning to the house, she brings presents for all the girls, to everyone's delight.

At panel, most of the girls received negative feedback from their shots. Stephanie, Rachel, and Helena impressed the judges for embracing the point of the shoot. Melissa expressed how she lacked experience in the industry but planned to absorb as much information as she could. Kyla was criticized for posing awkward instead of quirky during the shoot. Nadya asked Kate to present herself more properly when being called forward for critique. Ultimately, Melissa's inexperience and Kyla's flat performance landed them in the bottom two. In the end, Melissa was deemed to have more potential, and Kyla became the first girl to be eliminated.

  • First call-out: Helena Chan
  • Bottom two: Kyla Tan Rong Ying & Melissa Th'ng
  • Eliminated: Kyla Tan Rong Ying
  • Featured Photographer: Todd Anthony Tyler
  • Special guests: Afton Chen, Louis Koh, Lauren Clarke Jensen

Episode 2: Which Girl Can Stand Out?[edit]

First aired December 2, 2012
Aired online December 19, 2012

The remaining girls were greeted by runway coach Joey Mead King and runway trainer Adam Williams for a runway tutorial, then the girls were introduced to their challenge which is a fashion show for Singaporean designer Thomas Wee at the L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon located within Resorts World Sentosa. Although some of the girls improved their walk, Trang emerged victorious and won the reward challenge, which is a gown to be made especially for her by Thomas Wee and dinner with two friends at the L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. She chose Aastha and Stephanie to join her in the dinner, upsetting Helena who was celebrating her birthday at that time.

  • Reward challenge winner: Thuy Trang Nguyen

Back at the house, tensions were flaring when the girls from the reward challenge return as the other girls are celebrating Helena's birthday. Some of the girls expressed that it was unfair for them to have Trang, who had prior modelling experience, to compete with them in the competition.

The photo shoot takes place at former Tanjong Pagar railway station, the girls worked in groups wearing Prada while portraying virtual princesses. The best group photo would have their photo featured as an editorial in Harper's Bazaar.

Group Models
One Filantropi, Helena, Kate, Monica
Two Aastha, Bei Si, Sofia, Trang
Three Jee, Jessica, Melissa, Rachel, Stephanie

Trang's shoes dragged her down on her shoot, Jee and Stephanie both got bad critiques on their shoot, and Filantropi was told that she was the worst of the bunch. After the photo shoot, Monica received news that her father was ill and she had to go to him, which led to her withdrawal from the competition.

  • Quit: Monica Benjaratjarunun

At panel, group 2 received the most praise, specifically Aastha and Sofia, while Trang received nice. In group 1, Helena shone while Filantropi was heavily critiqued. In group 3, Jessica received praise while Jee and Stephanie both received bad feedback. Although Rachel's picture received praise as well, she was taken out of the panel after collapsing to receive medical attention.

Ultimately, the second group won and their picture was chosen to be featured on Harpers Bazaar. Jee and Stephanie landed in the bottom two for their lackluster photographs, but Nadya then announced that no one would be going home since Monica had decided to leave the competition, sparing both girls from elimination.

  • First call-out: Aastha Pokharel
  • Bottom two: Jee Choi & Stephanie Retuya
  • Not called out at panel: Rachel Erasmus
  • Eliminated: None
  • Special guests: Adam Williams, Thomas Wee, Junita Simon, Kenneth Goh

Episode 3: Which Girl Can Own a New Look?[edit]

First aired December 9, 2012
Aired online December 24, 2012

After being in the bottom two, Stephanie was revealed that she already had a daughter. The girls were surprised to find out that they would be having their makeovers. At the salon, Jessica and Rachel embraced their new short hair, while Aastha complained about it. Kate received honey blonde hair, Jee received very fiery red hair, Helena received a Victoria Beckham inspired look, while Trang and Filantropi both received a similar haircut. After the makeover, Jee celebrated her birthday.

For the photo shoot, the remaining models traveled to Hong San See temple and embodied the twelve Chinese zodiac animals in the Chinese calendar.

Model Chinese zodiac
Aastha Rat
Bei Si Dog
Filantropi Dragon
Helena Tiger
Jee Ox
Jessica Rabbit
Kate Monkey
Melissa Pig
Rachel Horse
Sofia Snake
Stephanie Rooster
Trang Goat

Jee and Stephanie impressed everyone during the shoot, Helena got into her wild character while Aastha, Bei Si and Trang struggled. At panel, most of the girls received good critique. Helena received a second first call-out, while Aastha and Bei Si landed in the bottom two for their mediocre photographs. Aastha was saved and Bei Si was sent home.

  • First call-out: Helena Chan
  • Bottom two: Aastha Pokharel & Bei Si Liu
  • Eliminated: Bei Si Liu
  • Featured Photographer: Akif Hakan
  • Special guests: Saksit Pisalasupongs

Episode 4: Which Girl Exudes Sexy?[edit]

First aired December 16, 2012
Aired online December 31, 2012

The girls were taught by model mentor Joey Mead King on how to pose sexily in pictures. At the challenge, Joey asked the girls to dress up sexy for their challenge, which was to bring any object and make sexy poses with it. Aastha and Jessica impressed Joey, but it was Helena who won the challenge. As her prize, she was able to go out to dinner with Joey and Todd Anthony Tyler. She choose Rachel and Jee to accompany her for the dinner. During the dinner, Helena dominated the conversation and talked about herself and promoted herself to the judges. The two judges and the other girls seemed uncomfortable. The girls thought that Helena's poses were great, and they all agreed that she simply 'got lucky' because she had chosen a phone as her prop.

  • Reward challenge winner: Helena Chan

At the photo shoot, the girls were asked to pose with celebrity and hot host Jason Godfrey. Trang had a wardrobe malfunction, as she forgot to bring tampons during her period. Kate played boxing when she was waiting for her turn. Both were heavily scolded by Daniel. Some of the girls excelled in the shoot, Jee found it awkward, Filantropi struggled, and Helena pushed her sexiness too far. Kate was castigated for being too jolly and stiff at the shoot.

At panel, most of the girls receive positive feedback. Melissa and Stephanie were praised for looking sexy in their photos despite not looking so sexy in person. Trang apologizes for her wardrobe malfunction and is subsequently praised for trying something different in her photo this week. Jessica delivers a good shot, but is told to be aware of the positioning of her mouth. Sofia pulls off a stunning photo, but is criticized for being self-conscious about her height, which Jason encourages her to embrace. Rachel was commended for being the only girl to make eye contact with Jason in her shot, but Nadya warned her about her otherwise poor film. Aastha excels in her photo, but is noted for her weak self-confidence at the shoot. On the other hand, Jee was criticized for her nearly unusable film, Helena was chided for being overly sexy, and Filantropi and Kate were slated for failing to connect with Jason during the photo shoot. After her photo was critiqued, Kate read aloud a personal letter she wrote to the judges in an effort to prove to them that she is serious about the competition.

During elimination, Sofia receives her first top photo call-out, while Jee and Filantropi land in the bottom two both for their uninspiring photos and lack of progress throughout the competition. In a shocking twist, Nadya sends both girls home as they are told they have run out of time to improve.

  • First call-out: Sofia Wakabayashi
  • Bottom two: Filantropi Witoko & Jee Choi
  • Eliminated: Filantropi Witoko & Jee Choi
  • Featured Photographer: Todd Anthony Tyler
  • Special guests: Jason Godfrey

Episode 5: Style & Taste[edit]

First aired December 23, 2012
Aired online January 07, 2013

Filantropi left a letter on the fridge door. She gave advice and motivations to the girls. She told Helena that she understood her competitiveness but she told Helena to be mean to the girls especially Melissa. Helena seemed shock and upset. She told the other girls to be confident and work hard. The girls met Joey Mead King and Jeannie Mai for a challenge in Parco Next, where they were split up into groups of three, and were assigned to style themselves in different categories.

Models Styling Theme
Melissa, Rachel & Stephanie Sexy
Jessica, Kate & Trang Edgy
Aastha, Helena & Sofia Quirky

The quirky group became uncoordinated with their styles, while the sexy group went against the style they were assigned. In the edgy group, Trang told Jessica to change her pink outfit for a black one, but Jessica ignored Trang and kept her style instead. The edgy group won the overall challenge, but it was Jessica who won individually.

  • Reward challenge winner: Jessica Amornkuldilok

The girls traveled to Nongsa Point Marina and Resort located at Batam, Indonesia for their photo shoot, which was to embody a refined French Rivera woman. Kate excelled during the shoot, Stephanie had a hard time opening her eyes, and Jessica inspired the photographer with her performance. Trang struggled to understand the photographer which angered Daniel because Trang wasn't able to communicate well.

At the panel, Kate received the best photo. Aastha and Jessica followed her suit while Melissa and Trang landed in the bottom. Melissa for not looking like a model in person and Trang because of her poor communication in English and for not asking when she didn't understand instructions. In the end, Melissa was saved by the judges, and Trang was eliminated from the competition.

  • First call-out: Kate Ma
  • Bottom two: Melissa Th'ng & Thuy Trang Nguyen
  • Eliminated: Thuy Trang Nguyen
  • Featured Photographer: Chuck Reyes
  • Special guests: Jeannie Mai

Episode 6: Good Hair Day[edit]

First aired December 30, 2012
Aired online January 15, 2013

After Trang went home, all of the remaining models were shocked. A close friendship brewed between Rachel and Kate. For the reward challenge, the girls were asked to write their own script and perform a commercial for TRESemmé. All of the girls struggles; however, it was Aastha who ultimately won the challenge, which made Helena jealous.

  • Reward challenge winner: Aastha Pokharel

Later, the girls had a beauty shoot for TRESemmé. Most of the models performed well. Kate and Rachel struggled, while Helena was reprimanded for being overly sexy.

At panel, Jessica, Stephanie and Aastha were highly praised, while Melissa was told that she was beginning to improve. The judges deemed Sofia's photograph to be the best, and she received her second first call-out. Helena was warned about her over-sexiness in photos. Rachel and Kate found themselves in the bottom two, both for being plain. Ultimately, Kate was saved and Rachel was sent home because the judges felt that she wasn't standing out and progressing as the competition went on.

  • First call-out: Sofia Wakabayashi
  • Bottom two: Kate Ma & Rachel Erasmus
  • Eliminated: Rachel Erasmus
  • Featured Photographer: Zhang Jingna

Episode 7: Face Value[edit]

First aired January 6, 2013
Aired online January 22, 2013

When Rachel left, Kate felt that she lost some of her strength. Then the girls were taught all about runway makeup by some experts with Joey Mead King. After the tutorial, Joey announced to the girls that their challenge was to recreate the makeup they had seen during the tutorial. Sofia won the challenge, and she chose Kate to accompany for a spa treatment at Resorts World Singapore. Kate said that she is the first best make-up and the second, it's actually Helena.

  • Reward challenge winner: Sofia Wakabayashi

Back at the house, Sofia also received a gift, but some of the girls hid her prizes and replaced them with toilet paper and slippers, which made Sofia feel disrespected.

For the photo shoot, the girls were asked to do an environmental campaign. Jessica and Stephanie both impressed everyone. Kate received remarks about her arms, while Aastha, Helena, Melissa, and Sofia struggled.

At panel, few of the girls impressed the judges. Helena said that her bad shoulder was to blame for her poor performance during the shoot, but the judges did not believe her. Jessica received best photo for her stunning and believable shot, while Helena and Melissa were placed in the bottom two for their weak photographs. Before saving Helena, Nadya scolded Helena for her bad attitude at panel and she sent Melissa home. After Melissa's departure, Helena began to have a panic attack.

  • First call-out: Jessica Amornkuldilok
  • Bottom two: Helena Chan & Melissa Th'ng
  • Eliminated: Melissa Th'ng
  • Featured Photographer: Kevin Ou
  • Special guests: Elaine Tan

Episode 8: Mannerism & The Big Red Dress[edit]

First aired January 13, 2013
Aired online January 29, 2013

The episode starts with Helena's panic attack issue, but fortunately it is revealed that she's not alright all along. She then commented on how she didn't need the judges' advice because she knew what she did. Later on, both Nadya and Joey dropped on their house to invite the girls to join them in a mini-challenge about how to act gracefully as a model in an event. They are taught how to do a good model, either at photoshoot or at an event. Aastha struggles with chopsticks, Helena is surprisingly calm after her whole issue last panel, but ultimately Jessica won the challenge for being the most graceful from the remaining girls. She won the reward of spa treatment with Nadya.

  • Mini-challenge winner: Jessica Amornkuldilok

Then the main challenge is up, which is a red carpet event for Farah Khan. Kate, Stephanie, Helena and Jessica all shone, while Aastha and Sofia struggles all alone. In the end, it was revealed that Helena won her eighth challenge, and her prize was a Farah Khan dress, she wore for the party.

  • Reward challenge winner: Helena Chan

All the girls seem happy for her except Sofia. This lead Sofia to confront Helena in front of the other girls back at home, and while Helena thought Sofia is fake, Sofia herself thought that Helena is mean. The discussion ended shortly after, which left Sofia in disgust of Helena's attitude.

The next day, the girls were brought up to the Universal Studios Singapore, where they greeted by Daniel Boey and their photographer for the day, Toons. The photoshoot was about an haute couture red dress, with length approximately 100 metres and weight 15 kilograms. Helena was first, and was noted by Daniel by looking like a ballerina but not a model. Aastha was concerned about her dead-eyes habit again, while Sofia manages to posing with her armpit facing the camera all the time. Jessica owned the dress and consistently kept her strong facial expression, while Stephanie was an epic fail, both the dress and the expression. The last one, Kate, brought so much humor and energy to the set, and getting better after falling down the stairs.

During the judging panel, all the girls except Stephanie received praise from the judges. Helena was told she looks like a Bird of paradise, but was warned that it was only a lucky shot. Sofia was told she looks like an Angry Bird, while Kate was universally praised for her outstanding photo. Jessica received similar praise as well, for owning the dress and her face, while Aastha was told she need to keep her energy during the shoot. Stephanie, however was told that she has slipping down and her photo is clearly the worst out of the sea of amazing photos this week.

In the end, Jessica received her second consecutive best photo, and she was quickly followed by Kate. Aastha was surprisingly called third, and Helena joins them after. Which leaves Sofia and Stephanie in the bottom two, Sofia for her inability to master her angles and Stephanie for performing the worst the whole week, in the challenge and the photoshoot. In the end, the judges thought that both still have many things to prove and they were saved. This marks Stephanie's second time in the non-elimination bottom-two, after episode 2.

  • First call-out: Jessica Amornkuldilok
  • Bottom two: Sofia Wakabayashi & Stephanie Retuya
  • Eliminated: None
  • Featured Photographer: Toon Liang
  • Special guests: George Young, Yuan Sng

Episode 9: Beyond Comfort[edit]

First aired January 20, 2013
Aired online February 05, 2013

The girls relieved their stress with a jump to the pool with clothing on. The next day, Joey told the girls they would each be shooting a TV commercial for Playboy fragrance. Jessica acts with no script but she did not look sexy, Kate does a creative take on her commercial and Helena and Stephanie impressed in front of the camera. In the end, Helena won the challenge and got the prize of a Playboy hamper, an exclusive perfume with Swarovski elements, a friend of an unaired daytrip to Universal Studios Singapore and an extra 15 minutes on the next photoshoot.

  • Reward challenge winner: Helena Chan

For the photo shoot, it was revealed that they have to do a mermaid-themed underwater shoot in a pool, wearing the creation of Filipino designer Michael Cinco. Aastha was worried about the theme since she cannot swim, while Jessica was determined to get another best photo. First to go was Kate, who Daniel complimented for her confidence. Jessica received praise from both Daniel and Aaron for following every advice and giving many different poses. Helena interpreted the shoot as being Medusa, which Daniel noted as an interesting take, but Aaron felt that her poses are not high-fashion. Aastha managed to overcome her fear of swimming, while Sofia did not fare too well though made a lucky shot. Stephanie felt a bit uneasy underwater, which stemmed from a past incident during scuba diving, in which she almost drowned.

Jessica's determination proved right as she received her third consecutive best photo, while Sofia bounced back as the runner-up, though the judges advised her about having only one good shot. Kate's pose was deemed too athletic but landed her third, with Aastha fourth. Stephanie and Helena landed in the bottom two for having an awkward pose and for not following the theme. In the end, Nadya gave the last photo to Stephanie. Helena first hugged to closest friend Stephanie, but she was eliminated.

  • First call-out: Jessica Amornkuldilok
  • Bottom two: Helena Chan & Stephanie Retuya
  • Eliminated: Helena Chan
  • Featured Photographer: Aaron Wong
  • Special guests: Michael Cinco, Fons Houtkamp, Lauren Clarke Jensen

Episode 10: Girls on the Move[edit]

First aired January 27, 2013
Aired online February 12, 2013

Helena's elimination draws mixed reactions from the remaining girls. Kate and Sofia rejoice Helena's elimination, but Stephanie and Aastha receive a note from Helena and are saddened with her leaving. At dinner, Sofia praises Jessica's photo, while Kate asks Jessica about getting awarded "Best Photo" three weeks in a row. Kate asks Jessica to teach her, but Jessica feels that she already "gives" everything to Kate. The girls get Nadya Mail, and the girls guess it will be commercial or acting. Kate feels confident because she knows that she is better than Jessica in that field.

The girls meet Joey and Sheena Seah, an international choreographer at Danz People. Sheena teaches them how to pose and how to move gracefully. Afterwards, the girls are asked to walk one by one and sit whilst exuding poise and grace. Kate feels as if she will be the best at this, but is taken by surprise with how well Jessica performed. Then, the girls meet Paula Taylor, a popular model and a well-known VJ in Thailand, and Jessica gets excited since Paula Taylor is very popular in Thailand, where she is from. Paula teaches to combine poses with facial expression to get the emotion.

The girls then arrive at Subaru, where they meet with Todd, Daniel and the executive director of Subaru, Glenn Tan. They are told that their challenge is to make a motion editorial for the Subaru XV sports utility vehicle. Daniel tells them that their motion editorial will be evaluated and taken into consideration in this week's judging panel. Each of the girls are assigned a persona to be portrayed. Sofia as a corporate business woman, Stephanie as a fashionable shopper, Jessica as a sophisticated lady of leisure. At first she does not know what that means exactly, so Daniel explains that her character is "a very rich woman who does nothing but lay by the pool, and sip champagne all day". Kate as a fun and easygoing nature lover and Aastha as glamorous partygoer.

Model Persona
Aastha Glamorous Partygoer
Jessica Sophisticated Lady of Leisure
Kate Fun and Easygoing Nature Lover
Sofia Corporate Business Woman
Stephanie Fashionable Shopper

At Stephanie's taping, Daniel feels that Stephanie doesn't look like a shopper who hasn't shopped enough, but like a harassed housewife. Stephanie feels as if she's doing the best that she can do and she can't see what she's doing wrong. Daniel tries to give her more direction but Stephanie fails to interpret his feedback. During Sofia's shoot, Todd is concerned that Sofia may not be able to make her persona, a corporate businesswoman, interesting. However when they finish, Todd feels as if she nailed it. Aastha had problems using her props (her purse wasn't opening), but after some direction from Daniel advice, she starts to look classy and sell everything. At Jessica's taping, she tries to channel Paris Hilton and Daniel is impressed with that. Impressed with her performance he only needed to give her very little direction. For her motion editorial, Kate jumps and feels the wind, sitting on the hood of the car but Todd feels as if she looked more orgasmic rather than enjoying nature.

Back at Subaru, Daniel announces that the winner of the challenge is Jessica. She gets a Subaru package and $1,000 shopping spree at Tyan Boutique at the ION Orchard.

  • Reward challenge winner: Jessica Amornkuldilok

With Jessica always winning, Kate does not want to talk more to her anymore, while Stephanie feels bad and feels that she is the weakest of the bunch. Stephanie calls her partner and her son and expresses that she felt like giving up and got frustrated after being placed in the bottom two for two consecutive weeks and she starts to feel homesick.

At their photo shoot, the photographer is judge Todd Anthony Tyler. The theme is about movement and passion, trying to give good poses but with strong expression in the face. Kate is very excited and starts to practice her expressions in the mirror, and Aastha is given a long, wavy wig for the shoot, but during hair and makeup, Stephanie starts to feel overwhelmed and cries, saying that she feels homesick and thinks about possibly quitting the competition.

At the shoot, Kate jumps and moves around the set freely, where at one point she flashes her underwear but says she does not care. Todd feels her passion for the shoot and he enjoyed shooting her, saying that there will be something good in her film once he edits it. Sofia got good feedback but Todd felt as if she was limiting herself to one space. Aastha complained that her dress and hair were hard to work with and Daniel told her that her poses were good, but her face hasn't changed since the first shot. When she asks if the wig could be taken off, Daniel agrees to take it off and she continues her photo in her real hair. Daniel says she performed better, but her face was still blank. Jessica looked passionate from the beginning and used all her space, jumping and giving good facial expressions. Todd did not expect that and was impressed. Stephanie was feeling bad before the shoot but Daniel tells her that she shouldn't let that affect her shoot and she did well but Todd said she needed more fire in her eyes and that her passion wasn't showing even though he was sure she has that deep inside.

At panel, they were first judged for their motion editorials. Sofia, Jessica and Aastha received praise for giving convincing commercials. Kate was told by Daniel that she looked as if she was "high on magic mushrooms" but was praised for giving energy, albeit it being the wrong type of energy. When asked about how she was feeling, Stephanie told the judges that she was feeling better compared to last week, and was advised by Nadya to just keep pushing harder. However, her motion editorial was criticized by Todd for being boring.

When they started judging the photos, Kate and Jessica's photos were recognized as the most passionate. Sofia and Stephanie's shots were generally well-received, but were still chastised for lacking the passion and energy that Kate and Jessica showed in their pictures. Aastha was criticized for her demeanor at panel, and on set, and for her photo, that although had a great pose, her face was still blank. As the judges were deliberating they noticed a dichotomy in the shots, "the girls who were passionate and gave their all" (Jessica and Kate) and "the girls who posed well and looked beautiful" (Sofia, Stephanie and Aastha), the judges liked Jessica's and Kate's pictures equally, as with Stephanie's and Sofia's but Todd felt that he received a better vibe from Stephanie's.

The girls were called back and Jessica receives her fourth consecutive first call-out. Then, she was followed by Kate, and Sofia was called third. Stephanie lands in the bottom two for the fourth time with Aastha. Stephanie was castigated for always playing it safe and while the judges were glad to see her make progress, they were concerned if she would be able to catch up with the other girls. Aastha was called an exotic beauty but was chided for her attitude. In the end, Aastha was sent home because of her lack of confidence and for not showing much enthusiasm despite a stellar portfolio.

  • First call-out: Jessica Amornkuldilok
  • Bottom two: Aastha Pokharel & Stephanie Retuya
  • Eliminated: Aastha Pokharel
  • Featured Photographer: Todd Anthony Tyler
  • Special guests: Sheena Seah, Paula Taylor, Glenn Tan

Episode 11: The Story So Far - The Road To Top 4[edit]

First aired February 03, 2013
Aired online February 08, 2013

As seen on other Top Model competitions, this cycle features a recap episode where it shows a flashback of the moments that happened the entire season. Especially Kate's attitude that exudes the great personality among other girls in the competition. The episode has shown five sets of never-before-seen footage which includes Monica's playful character as she made fun of the girls when she looked like a clown. It also shows how the girls called their loved ones. Jessica's talk with her boyfriend made her strong and fight, Helena missed her boyfriend and cried over the phone, and Kate's hilarious conversation with her boyfriend was the highlight of the recap episode.

In episode 8, after Helena's alleged panic attack, she was then visited by model mentor Joey Mead King who she gave a shoulder to cry on. In episode 9, Helena also entertained Kate by reenacting the judges. Meanwhile in episode 10, Joey gives a surprise by serving first class meal by celebrity chef, Emmanuel Stroobant. Joey shared her stories and experiences during their dinner.

When the episode came to its close, Daniel visited the Top 4 girls and gave advice and tips about how the girls should dress for casting. Kate had a feeling that Daniel had a secret, and she guessed that they would be going somewhere. She was very confident about that. Kate expected to see herself on London's streets. As the show closed, the girls were left with a surprise box and it showed that they are all beaming with happiness. In the next episode, it is expected that the final four girls will go to Hong Kong for their next shoot as they all take their high fashion profiles to the next level.

  • Special guests: Emmanuel Stroobant

Episode 12: Hong Kong Extravaganza[edit]

First aired February 10, 2013
Aired online February 14, 2013

Kate and Sofia were eager to break Jessica's best photo record. Aastha left a letter and told Kate that she sometimes annoy people. Kate was surprised and asked Sofia if it was true and Sofia reluctantly said 'sometimes'. Stephanie and Jessica who were there as well kept quiet. Kate who was very upset simply ignored Sofia. The girls then found out that they are going to Hong Kong. Best photo last week, Jessica receives a spa treatment as a bonus. Kate declined Sofia's invitation to try the Jacuzzi, since she still felt upset about what she had said earlier.

Later on, Nadya brought a special guest star, the model Cara Grogan to give the girls some tips. Then they are introduced to their challenge, which is to attend go-sees around Hong Kong. Jessica impresses most of the clients, Stephanie excels only at the runway-based castings, Kate often gets noted for her over-the-top personality. One of the clients was impressed with Sofia but she didn't get the booking because her height was above 180 cm. In the end, Jessica won the challenge by booking three of the castings, and won a two-night stay at Hotel Mira. Stephanie and Kate both book two castings while Sofia booked none.

  • Reward challenge winner: Jessica Amornkuldilok

Nadya told Sofia that she should not worry about not booking any jobs, because she may not be suitable for the ads or campaign that those particular clients were looking for. Sofia said that she understand that but it was very obvious that she was very disappointed with herself. As a bonus, Nadya treats the girls for a night-out in Hong Kong, where they enjoy themselves by cruising around, and having a great time together.

The photo shoot is next, it's about 1920-inspired modern Chinese screen goddesses in the streets of Hong Kong. Akif Hakan returned as their photographer after having previously taken their pictures for the Chinese Zodiac shoot in Episode 3. Jessica manages to own the streets even though it's quite crowded. Stephanie is the exact opposite, she falls flat even though there are barely any people on her set. Kate's arms start to go crazy but then she hold a pole with one hand and swings the dress with another, and making it work. Sofia has a very hard time on set mainly because of her dress was too long and hit the floor making her very hard to pose especially when the dress was very tight and so she failed to impress.

The photo shoot had the girls portraying 1920-inspired Chinese screen goddesses in the streets of Hong Kong. Jessica and Kate impress, while Sofia and Stephanie struggle.

At judging the judges are all equally pleased by the girls' photos and congratulate Jessica for booking the most jobs. Kate's photo is universally praised and she's announced as the first finalist. Jessica shortly followed Kate, leaving Stephanie and Sofia facing the bottom two together for the second time. The two male judges preferred Sofia while both the judges liked Stephanie's photo. Stephanie was once again saved and was chosen as the third finalist for her potential the judges wanted. Sofia was eliminated for not being able to book a single job and having the arguably weakest photo. Stephanie made an all-time record in the Top Model franchise by surviving a total of five bottom two appearances before the finale and surviving four consecutive bottom two appearances.

  • First call-out: Kate Ma
  • Bottom two: Sofia Wakabayashi & Stephanie Retuya
  • Eliminated: Sofia Wakabayashi
  • Featured Photographer: Akif Hakan
  • Special guests: Cara Grogan, Jonathan Li, Jane Lombard, Sue Ng, Fons Houtkamp, Christelle Simeon, Jing Wong, Dirk Dalichau, Wendy Mak

Episode 13: Finale[edit]

First aired February 17, 2013
Aired online February 21, 2013

The final three did a commercial for Canon IXUS.

Kate is first. Nadya makes sure that Kate follows the brief. Kate follows the brief, but she looks nervous and she needs to be more fun. In the end, she shows more energy. Jessica says her lines a few times, but it ends up sounding horrible. Nadya thinks that her commercial is tiny bit posey. Stephanie forgets her lines and she looks like she's trying to remember them. In the end, Nadya likes Stephanie's smize and she is the most calm amongst the girls.

The girls have their own runway show in the house with weird outfits. The girls received their Nadya Mail as they will prepare for the next photo shoot in Harper's Bazaar Singapore. The girls talk about their own improvements during this competition. Kate admits that she wants to be singer or dancer, but people around her asked her to shut up. Stephanie says that Kate should be an actress. Jessica also admits that she wants to be a Hollywood star. She does not care if she is rejected as long as she tries. Jessica becomes insecure about her age because she is the oldest girl in the bunch.

The girls meet Daniel Boey and Kenneth Goh, fashion director of Harper's Bazaar. Kenneth also appeared in episode 2. He is the one who made the hilarious comments. Joey is also there, but she is in a different room with Joe (Jessica's boyfriend), Kim (Stephanie's boyfriend) and Inan (Kate's brother).

Stephanie is nervous because her photoshoot with Kenneth went badly. Jessica worries about the competition, she worries she will not win the competition and she needs to start again from the bottom. Kate becomes more nervous because she sees Jessica cry.

Kate's dress is too tight. She can not give much variation on her poses, but Kate starts to get better. Kenneth realizes that Kate tries so hard. After the photoshoot, Kate meets Joey and was surprised when Inan, Kate's brother, is there. They both talk in Portuguese. Joey also tells Kate that Inan cried when he was watching her photoshoot. Kate does not expect that because her brother is in Brazil.

Stephanie does not work well with her outfit. After the photoshoot, she comes to Joey and cries because her photoshoot did not go well. Mir Kim, Stephanie's boyfriend is also there. Her boyfriend makes her calm and shows her pictures of her child which calm her down and focus on the competition.

Jessica feels better after she cries. She becomes focused. Joey and her boyfriend, Joe Pao-In, feel her focus. Kenneth thinks that she gives the right curve for Harper's Bazaar. She gives the S curve that Harper's Bazaar looks for. She also makes her outfit looks very expensive. After the photoshoot, she cries when she meets Joey because she is happy. She cries harder after she sees her boyfriend. Her boyfriend gives her a bracelet as a present.

The girls met again with Daniel, as he revealed that the girls would walk in a final runway show. They get a surprise visit from friends and relatives during the photo shoot. At the fashion show, they are joined by eliminated contestants Trang, Sofia, Aastha, Filantropi, Kyla, Helena and America's Next Top Model, Cycle 18 winner Sophie Sumner.

Kate asks for advice from Sophie backstage. Kate finds similarities in Sophie, because both of them are crazy and Kate believes that they will be even more similar if Kate wins the title. Tyra Banks makes her appearance in the show and she opens the runway with her short speech.

After the runway, the girls meet Nadya and Tyra. Tyra notices that they have different kinds of walks. Stephanie's is pure, like a baby, Jessica's is more sultry, while Kate's looks like she is skating. Tyra asks about their age and she notices that Jessica was the oldest girl. Tyra also sees Kate's excitement to win this competition.

Stephanie was called first to be deliberated. Tyra thinks that her runway walk was sassy. She gives a pure and sweet walk, and she does not have to go with the beat of the music. Marina was very impressed with her walk. In her commercial, Nadya thinks that she is likable and approachable. Todd is surprised with her line and he thinks that she did a great job and improved immensely throughout the competition. For the photoshoot, Nadya tells that her photo needs to be cropped. Kenneth explains more about the cropping. Tyra gives advice that she should model H2T from head to toe and loves the smize in her eyes.

Tyra does like Kate's walk, but she does like it either. Nadya says that she is a roller skating Kate now. Kenneth feels her improvement. For her commercial, Marina thinks that her commercial is believable. Todd does see crazy Kate in the commercial. Nadya thinks her photo is beautiful but it is high fashion. Tyra likes that every part of her body doing something.

Nadya thinks Jessica's walk is dramatic. Marina feels that she is one of her favorites. In her commercial, Nadya likes how she pays attention to every word and she feels her lines. Kenneth thinks that she is likable and it will be a huge selling point that Jessica can sell anything. Nadya loves the shape and her expression in the cover. Tyra loves her strong body, but she wants to see more sparkle in her eyes. Kenneth thinks that she did superbly well and the outfit looks like a million bucks. Jessica told Nadya that her grandparents passed away.

During deliberation, Tyra Banks together with Nadya, Todd Anthony and the guest judges considered who should be the first ever Asia's Next Top Model. They were unsure if Jessica can do it since she's old, despite a great portfolio. They compared Jessica for being the verbal definition of a model, and Stephanie for being the noun definition of a model. Ultimately, being the only contestant in the series to have never been in the bottom two, Jessica was revealed to be the first winner of the competition.

  • Final Three: Jessica Amornkuldilok, Kate Ma & Stephanie Retuya
  • Asia's Next Top Model: Jessica Amornkuldilok
  • Special guests: Carol Lim, Tyra Banks, Sophie Sumner, Kenneth Goh, Marina Fairfax, Frederick Lee


(Ages stated are at time of contest)

From Contestant Age Hometown Height Outcome
 Singapore Kyla Tan Rong Ying 23 Singapore 1.71 m (5 ft 7 12 in) Eliminated in Episode 1
 Thailand Monica Benjaratjarunun 19 Chiang Mai (Originally from Spain) 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in) Quit in Episode 2
 China Bei Si Liu 24 Pudong 1.76 m (5 ft 9 12 in) Eliminated in Episode 3
 South Korea Jee Choi 28 Seoul 1.72 m (5 ft 7 12 in) Eliminated in Episode 4
 Indonesia Filantropi Witoko 24 Jakarta (Heritage from China) 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
 Vietnam Nguyễn Thị Thùy Trang 23 Đắk Lắk 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in) Eliminated in Episode 5
 India Rachel Erasmus 22 Ajmer (Originally from Singapore) 1.67 m (5 ft 5 12 in) Eliminated in Episode 6
 Malaysia Melissa Thng 21 Kuala Lumpur 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in) Eliminated in Episode 7
 Hong Kong Helena Chan 23 Southern District (Heritage from Sweden) 1.77 m (5 ft 9 12 in) Eliminated in Episode 9
   Nepal Aastha Pokharel 20 Kathmandu 1.77 m (5 ft 9 12 in) Eliminated in Episode 10
 Japan Sofia Wakabayashi 24 Tokyo (Heritage from Sweden) 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in) Eliminated in Episode 12
 Philippines Stephanie Retuya 23 San Pedro 1.76 m (5 ft 9 12 in) Runner-Up
 Taiwan Kate Ma 22 Taipei (Originally from Brazil) 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
 Thailand Jessica Amornkuldilok 27 Bangkok (Heritage from Germany) 1.77 m (5 ft 9 12 in) Winner
  • Helena, Jee and Jessica turned 23, 28 and 27, respectively during filming.


Call-out order[edit]

Nadya's Call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 13
1 Helena Aastha Helena Sofia Kate Sofia Jessica Jessica Jessica Jessica Kate Jessica
2 Stephanie Sofia Stephanie Aastha Aastha Jessica Stephanie Kate Sofia Kate Jessica Kate
3 Rachel Jessica Jee Stephanie Jessica Stephanie Kate Aastha Kate Sofia Stephanie Stephanie
4 Trang Helena Rachel Kate Helena Aastha Aastha Helena Aastha Stephanie Sofia
5 Jessica Kate Filantropi Melissa Rachel Melissa Sofia Sofia Stephanie Aastha
6 Aastha Trang Sofia Jessica Stephanie Helena Helena Stephanie Helena
7 Monica Bei Si Melissa Rachel Sofia Kate Melissa
8 Filantropi Melissa Jessica Helena Melissa Rachel
9 Bei Si Filantropi Kate Trang Trang
10 Kate Jee Trang Filantropi
11 Sofia Stephanie Aastha Jee
12 Jee Monica Bei Si
13 Melissa
14 Kyla
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant quit the competition
     The contestant was part of a non-elimination bottom two
     The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 2, Monica was informed by the production crew that her father was ill. As a result, she decided to withdraw from the competition. At panel, Rachel was evacuated due to a medical emergency, and was therefore absent during the elimination ceremony. Her name was not called out during elimination. The episode also featured a non-elimination bottom two.
  • In Episode 3, Rachel returned to the competition.
  • Episode 4, Filantropi and Jee landed in the bottom two; they were simultaneously eliminated after Nadya announced their verdict.
  • Episode 8 featured a non-elimination bottom two.
  • Episode 11 was the recap episode.

Photo Shoot Guide[edit]

  • Episode 1 Photo Shoot: Quirky Girls in Little India
  • Episode 2 Photo Shoot: Prada Group Shot for Harper's Bazaar
  • Episode 3 Photo Shoot: Chinese Zodiac Animals
  • Episode 4 Photo Shoot: Boxing with Jason Godfrey
  • Episode 5 Photo Shoot: French Riviera Women
  • Episode 6 Commercial & Photo Shoot: TRESemmé Hair Campaign
  • Episode 7 Photo Shoot: Environmental Campaign for WWF
  • Episode 8 Photo Shoot: Wearing Red Gowns at the National Library Museum
  • Episode 9 Photo Shoot: Underwater Mermaids in Michael Cinco Couture
  • Episode 10 Photo Shoot: Extreme Body Movement in Black and White
  • Episode 12 Photo Shoot: 1920's Inspired Modern Screen Starlets in the Streets of Hong Kong
  • Episode 13 Commercial & Photo Shoot: Canon IXUS commercials; Harper's Bazaar Cover Shots


  • Aastha: Rihanna inspired short asymmetrical cut
  • Bei Si: Dyed black blue, shoulder length hair with fringes
  • Filantropi: Bob haircut and dyed deep red
  • Helena: Victoria Beckham inspired bob cut
  • Jee: Fiery red hair with fringes
  • Jessica: Dyed deep chestnut brown, pixie cut
  • Kate: Dyed honey blonde
  • Melissa: Kimora Lee Simmons inspired big wavy curls, dyed lighter and fringes added
  • Rachel: Dyed dark brown, Selita Ebanks inspired pixie cut
  • Sofia: Dyed jet black
  • Stephanie: Dyed deep red, curls added with extra volume
  • Trang: Bowl haircut


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