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The Asia Swimming Federation (AASF)[1] overseas international aquatics competition in Asia, and is affiliated to the Olympic Council of Asia[2] and to FINA.

The AASF was founded in 1978[1] in Berlin; and currently has its administrative headquarters in Muscat, Oman.

As of August 2009, the AASF President is Sheikh Khalid Mohammed Al Badr Al Sabah of Kuwait.[2]


Asian FINA Members (43)[3]
 Afghanistan  Bangladesh  Brunei  Cambodia  China
 Chinese Taipei  Hong Kong  India  Indonesia  Iran
 Iraq  Japan  Jordan  Kazakhstan  Kuwait
 Kyrgyzstan  Laos  Lebanon  Macau  Malaysia
 Maldives  Mongolia  Burma    Nepal  North Korea
 Oman  Pakistan  Palestine  Philippines  Qatar
 Saudi Arabia  Singapore  South Korea  Sri Lanka  Syria
 Tajikistan  Thailand  Turkmenistan  United Arab Emirates  Uzbekistan
 Vietnam  Yemen  Bahrain    

Note:  Israel is affiliated to the European Swimming League, LEN.



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