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Asian|Boston Media Group (AB|MG) was founded by Leo Anthony in 2005. Since then, it has grown from a print media (Asian|Boston magazine) company to becoming the first media company with networks in TV, radio and online media catered to Greater Boston's Asian market. The divisions of Asian|Boston Media Group are aired at major stations and internet channels:

Asian|Boston TV "Business Spotlight" airs on MyTV England.[1]

Accomplished Asians who have been featured in Asian|Boston's media network include:

Magazine: Kairos Shen (Boston's Chief City Planner),[2] Dr. Michio Kaku (American Physicist), Julianne Lee (Violinist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra) and Wang Lei, (the first Chinese Woman and First Asian American to climb the Seven Summits)

Radio: Jason Wu (world renowned fashion designer), Michelle Malkin (journalist), Yoko Miwa (Jazz Musician), Fred H.C Liang (Sculptor) and Lynn Chen (Actress).

Television: Aired in April 2011, Asian|Boston Television (AB|TV) Business Spotlight features 26 Asian-owned businesses in the Greater Boston area.


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