Asian Rugby Football Union

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Asian Rugby Football Union
Asian Rugby Football Union (logo).png
Formation 1968
Type Sports federation
Headquarters Hong Kong
Membership 29 unions
President Thailand Adisak Hemyoo

The Asian Rugby Football Union (ARFU) is the governing body of rugby union in Asia under the authority of the International Rugby Board. Founded in 1968 by eight charter nations, the Union today has 29 member unions in countries across Asia, stretching from Kazakhstan to Guam.

The aim of ARFU is: "to raise physical and moral standards in Asia by education in the healthy pursuit of Rugby Football and to promote friendship among Asian countries."


The ARFU supports regional and pan-Asian tournaments including the newly founded Asian Five Nations competition, women's, men's, and under 19's tournaments in sevens and fifteen-a-side rugby.

Asian Sevens Series[edit]

The Asian Sevens Series is like the IRB Sevens World Series, but at a regional level.[1][2][3]

Member Unions[edit]

ARFU(Asia) Rankings
Top 15 Rankings as of 31 March 2014[4]
Rank Change* Team Points WR
1 Steady  Japan 72.06 13
2 Steady  South Korea 58.10 23
3 Steady  Hong Kong 56.35 25
4 Increase  Sri Lanka 49.66 40
5 Decrease  Kazakhstan 48.11 45
6 Increase  Singapore 44.54 55
7 Decrease  Philippines 44.09 57
8 Decrease  Chinese Taipei 43.41 58
9 Increase  Thailand 43.37 59
10 Decrease  China 40.73 66
11 Decrease  Malaysia 40.20 70
12 Increase  India 39.37 75
13 Decrease  Pakistan 38.38 77
14 Steady  Indonesia 30.00 97
14 Steady  United Arab Emirates 30.00 97
Based on the IRB World Ranking

There are 27 member unions

17 Unions are full IRB members

6 Unions are associate IRB members

6 Unions are not affiliated with the IRB

  • AfghanistanAfghanistan
  • NepalNepal
Note: The Arabian Gulf Rugby Football Union was split up in 2011. It comprised the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman. The new governing body for the UAE, the United Arab Emirates Rugby Association, is already active and has its own national team. UAE became the 100th full member of the IRB in November 2012.[5] The other countries have not yet joined the ARFU.

ARFU officers[edit]

  • President: Adisak Hemyoo,  Thailand
  • Vice President:
  • Honorary Secretary General: Ross Mitchell,  Hong Kong
  • Treasurer: Dermot Agnew,  Hong Kong
  • IRB Representative:Jamie Scott
  • Executive Committee:

(Officers are ex officio members of the EXCO)

(Jarrad Gallagher, IRB Development Officer for Asia)

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