Asian Wave

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Asian Wave
Shēngdòng Yàzhōu
Asian wave.jpg
Genre Reality television
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of seasons 1
Production company(s) Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group
Original channel Dragon Television

Asian Wave (simplified Chinese: 声动亚洲; traditional Chinese: 聲動亞洲; literally: "Voices Moving Asia") is a Chinese reality singing talent show featuring contestants from many different Asian countries. The first season premiered on 11 July 2012 on Dragon Television.


First, contestants (including music groups) from Greater China competed for qualification to the Asian competition. The qualified contestants are later joined by contestants from other Asian countries.

The first season of the Asian-wide competition featured 24 contestants, including 5 from China, 1 from Taiwan, 3 from Singapore, 3 from Malaysia, 4 from South Korea, 2 from Japan, 3 from Thailand and 3 from India.

Season Summary[edit]

Season Champion Top 3 Top 6
Malaysia Shila Amzah, 22 China Chang Shilei, 31
China Huo Zun (霍尊), 22
China Sun Bolun (孙伯纶), 31
China Guo Yifan (郭一凡), 24
Malaysia Lau Wan Yin (刘婉滢), 16

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