Askøy (island)

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Coordinates: 60°29′39.98″N 5°6′36.06″E / 60.4944389°N 5.1100167°E / 60.4944389; 5.1100167

Askøy (island)
Native name: Askøy
Area 90 km2 (35 sq mi)
Highest elevation 231 m (758 ft)
Highest point Askøyfjellet
Population 24,000
Density 266 /km2 (689 /sq mi)
Ethnic groups Norwegians

Askøy is an island in Western Norway. Since the opening of the Askøy Bridge leading to the mainland in Bergen in 1992, the population has increased rapidly. In north lay the island Herdla.

Ask church

Askøy is surrounded by fjords; Hjeltefjorden to the west and north, Byfjorden to the east, and Herdlefjorden to the north-east. The municipality borders Radøy to the north, Meland to the north-east, Bergen to the south-east, Fjell to the south-west, and Øygarden to the north-west. The area around the bridge, where Kleppestø and Strussham are located, and the east coast, especially the very urban settlement of Florvåg which for many decades had excellent direct communication with downtown Bergen via ferries,are densely populated, while the northern and western parts of the island are thinly populated.