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Askanaz Mravyan (Russian: Мравян Асканаз Артемьевич, 21 December (O.T.) 1885, Elizavetpol - 23 October 1929, Yerevan) was a Soviet Armenian statesman and political activist, one of the leaders of Soviet Armenia.

He studied at Saint-Petersburg Psycho-neurological Institute. Since 1905 Mravyan was a communist activist in Yerevan, Tbilisi, Baku and Saint-Petersburg. In 1915-17 he edited "Paykar" (arm.- Struggle) and "Banvori kriv" (Worker's battle) newspapers. In 1918 Mravyan became the secretary of Caucasian regional committee of Bolshevik party, and was the editor of "Caucasian Pravda".

In 1920-22 he participated in the Revolutionary Committee of Armenia, then as the secretary of Central Committee of Communist (Bolshevik) party of Armenia he ruled Soviet Armenia. Since 1923 he was the narkom (minister) of education, he was the editor of "Sovetakan Hayastan" (Soviet Armenia) newspaper.

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