Askania-Nova (settlement)

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Coordinates: 46°27′6″N 33°52′14″E / 46.45167°N 33.87056°E / 46.45167; 33.87056
Country Ukraine
Oblast Kherson Oblast
Raion Chaplynskyi Raion
Coordinates 46°27′6″N 33°52′14″E / 46.45167°N 33.87056°E / 46.45167; 33.87056
Population 3,475
Density 347.5 / km2 (900 / sq mi)
Founded 1822 (first mentioning)
Timezone CET (UTC+2)
 - summer (DST) CEST (UTC+3)
Postal code 75230
Area code 8-05538

Askania-Nova (New Ascania) is an urban type settlement in the Chaplynka Raion, Kherson Oblast of southern Ukraine, near the Askania-Nova biosphere reserve. It has a population of 3,475.


It was established in 1822 as a rural settlement of Chapli. In 1828 the estate of Chapli was leased by the Duke Ferdinand Friedrich from Anhalt-Köthen (today in Saxony-Anhalt). The estate was renamed into Ascania, the Duke's family title the Duke of Ascania since 1330. The 25 sheep breeders and German colonizers from that county found a loosely populated settlement of Ascania-Nova. Later, in 1835, it became a khutir of Askania-Nova. In 1856 a Ukrainian-born German entrepreneur Friedrich Fein bought that estate from the Duke of Anhalt-Dessau (presumably Leopold IV) in 1856 (some 52,000 ha). Friedrich Fein was grandfather of Friedrich Falz-Fein, the founder of Askania Nova biosphere reserve. In 1890 it was known as the incorporated rural settlement of Askania-Nova.

The settlement became to be classified as urban since 1938.


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