Asli Hassan Abade

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Asli Hassan Abade
Asli in the 1970s
Asli in the 1970s
Native name عسلي حسن آباد
Birth name Asli Xasan Cabaade
Born Jijiga
Allegiance  Somalia
Service/branch Somali Air Force
Other work Activist

Asli Hassan Abade (Somali: Asli Xasan Cabaade; Arabic: عسلي حسن آباد‎) is a prominent Somali pilot and military figure.


Somali Air Force[edit]

Asli was the first and so far only female pilot in the Somali Air Force (SAF).[1]

Peace campaign[edit]

In the mid-2000s, Asli waged a peace campaign, encouraging lawmakers to come together and put an end to the long-standing civil conflict in her native Somalia. Attending every major political function dressed in the colors of the Somali flag, she reportedly commanded the respect of all the attendees.[2] For her efforts in the reconciliation process that took place in neighboring Arta, Djibouti, which saw the establishment of the Transitional Federal Government, she was accorded the codename Calansida ("The Flag-bearer").[3]

Personal life[edit]

A "patriot",[3] Asli describes herself as "a strong lady" on account of her military background.[2] As of October 2009, she lives in the U.S. state of Texas.[4]

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