Asman Garh Palace

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Asman Garh Palace
AsmanGharPalast Hyderabad-Mallapet ca1900.jpeg
General information
Type Royal Palace
Architectural style Gothic
Location Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Completed 1885

Asman Garh Palace is a palace located in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The name meaning, Asman for Sky, and Garh for home, since the palace was located so high on a hillock. It is located on the road from Malakpet and Dilsukhnagar.The palace presently hosts a museum displaying archaeological relics. The palace presently is converted into a school (St Joseph's Public School, Asman Garh Palace branch)


It was designed personally and built by the erstwhile Prime Minister of Hyderabad state Sir Asman Jah in 1885 on a hillock for leisure. He belonged to the Paigah family. He fulfilled his dream of building a home close to the sky. His real name was Mohammed Mazharuddin Khan, he was the grandson of the second Nizam, Sikander Jah.


Its based on Gothic architecture and is in the shape of a European medieval castle. The granite turrets and arched windows of Asman Garh palace stand out.

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