Aspen Square

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Coordinates: 38°52′52.51″N 94°39′51.79″W / 38.8812528°N 94.6643861°W / 38.8812528; -94.6643861

Aspen Square is an outdoor mall in Overland Park, Kansas, US, that was planned in 2008. It was intended to have J.C. Penney, Von Maur, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Old Navy and The Sports Authority.[1] Of these, only J.C. Penney and Von Maur have been developed.[2] The mall's developer declared bankruptcy in 2010[3][4] and development was never carried through, but the property was auctioned off on October 24, 2011.[5] The center was renamed from Corbin Park when it was bought on December 7, 2011. [6]