Aspera Hiems Symfonia/Constellation/My Angel

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Aspera Hiems Symfonia '95/Constellation '94/My Angel '91
Compilation album by Arcturus
Released 2002
Genre Symphonic black metal
Avant-garde metal
Length 1:19:45
Label Candlelight Records
Producer Arcturus
Arcturus chronology
Disguised Masters
Aspera Hiems Symfonia/Constellation/My Angel
The Sham Mirrors
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Aspera Hiems Symfonia '95/Constellation '94/My Angel '91 is a compilation album by the Norwegian black metal band Arcturus. The album contains their first full-length album Aspera Hiems Symfonia (remastered) and two earlier releases, Constellation and My Angel. The songs "The Deep Is the Skies" and "Cosmojam" on the beginning of Disc 2 are new tracks previously unreleased. All songs are heavily remastered for a stronger, clearer sound. Although the CD booklet claims that no material was re-recorded, there are sections that were obviously either re-recorded or spliced in from other takes of the material, such as clean vocal sections in "Wintry Grey", "Naar kulda tar" and "Raudt og svart", and the synthesizer solo in the beginning of "The Bodkin and The Quietus", which is replaced by a similar but slightly more complex guitar solo.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1
  1. "To Thou Who Dwellest in the Night" – 6:46
  2. "Wintry Grey" – 4:34
  3. "Whence and Whither Goest the Wind" – 5:14
  4. "Raudt og svart" – 5:48
  5. "The Bodkin and The Quietus" – 4:34
  6. "Du nordavind" – 3:59
  7. "Fall of Man" – 6:05
  8. "Naar kulda tar" – 4:21
Disc 2
  1. "The Deep Is the Skies" – 4:19
  2. "Cosmojam" – 1:45
  3. "Raudt og svart" – 6:08
  4. "Icebound Streams and Vapours Grey" – 4:44
  5. "Naar kulda tar" – 4:28
  6. "Du nordavind" – 4:29
  7. "My Angel" – 5:56
  8. "Morax" – 6:28