Aspire Parramatta

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Aspire Parramatta
Aspire Parramatta Proposal.jpg
The proposed design of Aspire Parramatta.
General information
Status Proposed[1]
Location 160-182 Church Street, Parramatta, Sydney, Australia
Estimated completion 2018[2]
Cost AUD$375 million[1]
Antenna spire 336 m (1,102 ft)[1]
Roof 306 m (1,004 ft)[3]
Technical details
Floor count 90[1]
Floor area 88,000 m2 [4]
Design and construction
Architect Grimshaw Architects[4]

Aspire Parramatta (also referred to as Aspire Tower[1] or simply Aspire[3]) is a proposed supertall skyscraper located in Parramatta, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, a centrepiece of the Parramatta Square development. The building proposal is for a residential and hotel building 336 m (1,102 ft) high and over 90 storeys; and to comprise 700 residential apartments and 150 hotel rooms.[5][6] If built, it will become the tallest building in Australia, surpassing the Gold Coast's Q1 building; and hence become the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere.[3]

In late August 2014, the original building proposal was questioned after issues regarding hight restrictions emerged with aviation authorities.[7] Soon after, new reconmendations proposed for a building no more than 243 metres tall.[8] In October 2014, Parramatta council submit a proposal to the City Centre Planning Framework Review to remove the existing building height limit. The towers final plans containing any amendments, and that of hight restrictions, will be released in 2015 ahead of the construction start date later that year.[9][2]

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