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Aspyr Media
Industry Video game industry
Interactive entertainment
Founded 1996
Headquarters Austin, Texas, U.S.A
Website Aspyr

Aspyr Media, Inc. /əˈspaɪər/ is an Austin, Texas-based company that specializes in porting Windows games to Mac OS. Games ported include franchises such as Call of Duty, Sid Meier’s Civilization, Star Wars, and DOOM. Aspyr has been in business since 1996, and as of 2003 owned 60 percent of the Mac entertainment market.

Aspyr's old logo. (1996-2005)

In recent years, it began porting console games to Windows and Game Boy Advance and publishing games, such as Wideload's Stubbs the Zombie in "Rebel Without a Pulse", for Mac OS, Windows, and the Xbox. In addition, Aspyr has produced and distributed several albums and documentaries.

Rooster Teeth's Jack Pattillo was laid off of 126 employees at the time. Since then he now works at Rooster Teeth's branch Achievement Hunter.[1]

Copy protection[edit]

Aspyr used SecuROM copy protection on PC game discs, such as in Stubbs the Zombie and Dreamfall.

Copy Protection-Free Era[edit]

As of the year 2010, Aspyr has published DRM-free games which include:

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