Assam Legislative Assembly

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Assam Legislative Assembly
অসম বিধানসভা
13th Assembly
Seal of Assam.png
Speaker of the Assembly
Pranab Gogoi (INC)
since 2011
Dy. Speaker
Bhimananda Tanti (INC)
since 2011
Leader of the House
Principal Secretary
Gauranga Prasad Das, jatin
since 19 July 2010[1]
Seats 126
Political groups

‹See Tfm›     INC (78)
‹See Tfm›     AIUDF (18)
‹See Tfm›     BPF (12)
‹See Tfm›     AGP (10)
‹See Tfm›     BJP (5)
‹See Tfm›     TMC (1)

‹See Tfm›     Independent (2)
Last election
4 and 11 April 2011
Meeting place
Assam Legislative Assembly House,
Guwahati - 781006.

The Assam Legislative Assembly (Assamese: অসম বিধানসভা) is the unicameral legislature of the Indian state of Assam. It is housed in Dispur, the capital of Assam, geographically situated in present Western Assam region. The legislative assembly comprises 126 Members of Legislative Assembly, directly elected from single-seat constituencies. Its term is 5 years, unless sooner dissolved.


According to provisions of the Government of India Act 1935, a bicameral legislature of Assam province came into existence in 1937. After the Government of India Act 1935 was passed, it paved the way for the formation of Assam Legislative Assembly, and became a bicameral legislature. The strength of the House was 108, where all the members were elected. The Legislative Council (Upper House) was not less than 21 and not more than 22 members.

The first sitting of its lower house, the Assam Legislative Assembly took place on 7 April 1937 in the Assembly Chamber at Shillong. Shillong was the capital of the composite State of Assam. It had the strength of 108 members.

However, the strength of the Assembly was reduced to 71 after the partition of India. After the Indian Independence in the year 1947, the Assam Legislative Council was abolished and Assam Legislative Assembly became unicameral.

In the years that followed, Assam was truncated to several smaller states. And over the years, with the changing geographical boundaries and increase in population, the strength of members has changed from 108 in 1952-57 to 114 in 1967-72 (the third Assembly) and by 1972-78 (the fifth Assembly) it had a strength of 126 members.[2]

Speakers of the Legislative Assembly[edit]

The following is the list of the speakers of Assam Legislative Assembly:[3]

Assam Province[edit]

# Name Took office Left office Political Party
1 Babu Basanta Kumar Das 7 April 1937 11 March 1946
2 Debeswar Sarmah 12 March 1946 10 October 1947
3 Laksheswar Borooah 5 November 1947 3 March 1952 congress

Assam state[edit]

# Name Took office Left office Political Party
1 Kuladhar Chaliha 5 March 1952 7 June 1957
2 Dev Kant Barooah 8 June 1957 15 September 1959
3 Mahendra Mohan Choudhury 9 December 1959 19 March 1967
4 Hareswar Goswami 20 March 1967 10 May 1968
5 Mahi Kanta Das 27 August 1968 21 March 1972
6 Ramesh Chandra Barooah 22 March 1972 20 March 1978
7 Jogendra Nath Hazarika 21 March 1978 4 September 1979
8 Sheikh Chand Mohammad 7 November 1979 7 January 1986
9 Pulakesh Barua 9 January 1986 27 July 1991
10 Jiba Kanta Gogoi 29 July 1991 9 December 1992
11 Debesh Chandra Chakravorty 21 December 1992 11 June 1996
12 Ganesh Kutum 12 June 1996 24 May 2001 Asom Gana Parishad
13 Prithibi Majhi 30 May 2001 19 May 2006 Indian National Congress
14 Tanka Bahadur Rai 29 May 2006 Indian National Congress
15 Pranab Kumar Gogoi[4] 6 June 2011 Indian National Congress

During Assam Movement[edit]

Many rounds of direct talks with government failed. The 1983 general election of state legislative assembly and by-election to 12 parliamentary constituencies were boycotted. The agitation turned violent. Tens of peoples were brutally killed by police firings. The number of people killed by the government forces touched several hundreds. One of the incident had a very lasting impact on people's mind was the Nellie Massacre in which thousands of people died.


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