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Assamese refers to "related/associated to or belonging to Assam or the people/culture of Assam". It could mean any of the following or more:


Distantly related[edit]

  • Assam Valley, Brahmaputra river valley
  • Upper Assam, eastern "Brahmaputra Valley"
  • Western Assam, western part of "Brahmaputra Valley"
  • Assam Oil, engaged in the business of exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas, transportation of crude oil and production of liquid petroleum gas
  • Assamese literature, the entire corpus of poetry, novels, short stories, documents and other writings in the Assamese language
  • Ahoms, who ruled Upper Assam for six centuries are the descendants from paternal line of ethnic Tai people who accompanied the Tai prince Sukaphaa into Assam
  • Assamese Brahmins, the Indo-Aryan group, Brahmins of "Brahmaputra Valley"
  • Barua, which is also spelled as Baruah, Barooah, Baruwa, Baroova, Barooa, Baroowa, Borooah, Boruah; is a common Assamese surname found among Brahmins of Assam Valley, Kalitas and Ahoms alike.
  • Kalita, early Aryan immigrants of "Brahmaputra Valley"