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Elections to the Assembly of Representatives were held in Mandate Palestine on 6 December 1925. Around half the votes went to parties associated with trade unions.[1] Ahdut HaAvoda remained the largest party in the Assembly.

Electoral system[edit]

Following the 1920 elections, debate continued on the issue of women's suffrage.[2] In 1923 Mizrachi called for a men-only referendum on whether women should be entitled to vote, and threatened to withdraw from the Yishuv if one was not held.[2] The Jewish National Council agreed to hold one on 8 November 1925, but with female participation.[2] This led to Agudat Yisrael calling for a boycott.[2] In response, Mizrachi and the Jewish National Council agreed to cancel the referendum.[2]

The number of eligible voters rose from around 26,000 to 64,764.[3][4] However, turnout was only around 57%.[4] This was put down to an Agudat Yisrael boycott, several delays in holding the election, and the unfamiliarity of some women with voting.[4]

The number of seats was reduced from 314 to 221.[3][4]


Party Seats
Ahdut HaAvoda 54
Hapoel Hatzair 30
HaSephardim 19
Revisionists 15
Hebrew Women's Association 13
Agricultural Bloc 9
Democrat's Association 9
Mizrachi 7
Centre List 6
National Citizens 6
Ma'amad Hapoalim 6
Hapoel HaMizrachi 6
Hapoel HaMizrachi HaMeuhad 4
Polish Immigrants List 4
Valley Kibbutzim List 2
Safed Municipality List 2
Agricultural Centre List 1
Galilee Farmers Association 1
Eastern Farmers Association 1
Georgian's List 1
Hebrew Women's Popular list 1
Givat HaRambam list 1
Young Mizrachi List 1
Craftsmen's Centre 1
Bnei Brak Residents' List 1
Unknown 20
Total 221


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