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An asset is an economic resource, or something of value.

ASSET or Asset may also refer to:


  • Asset, something possessed by a business entity from which future economic benefits may be obtained
  • Employability asset, a person's knowledge, skills and attitudes


  • Asset (economics), a durable good which is not fully depreciated to zero value after the current period of analysis



  • Military asset, a weapon or means of production of weapons or other defensive or offensive devices or capabilities



  • Asset (computer security), an asset in Computer security context
  • Digital assets, the graphics, audio, maps, and other artistic data that go into media, particularly interactive media such as video games


  • Asset (web series), a web series about a Canadian who is tricked into working for the C.I.A. on a mission in Prague.
  • The Assets, an eight-part American drama television miniseries.