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In England, an asset of community value (ACV) is land or property of importance to a local community which is subject to additional protection from development[1] under the Localism Act 2011.[2] Voluntary and community organisations can nominate an asset to be included on their local authority's register of ACVs.

The owner of an ACV must inform the local authority if they wish to sell the asset. If a group wants to buy the asset, they can trigger a moratorium for six months, to give them a chance to raise the money to purchase the asset. The owner does not have to sell to a community group, the ACV listing only improves the chances of community groups being able to purchase by proving more time to raise funds, it does not require the owner to sell at a discount. [3]

Assets with ACV status[edit]


So far, ACV status has been awarded to at least 100 pubs.[4][5]

Sport and leisure facilities[edit]

These include Old Trafford football stadium, The Valley and the South Bank Undercroft; sports clubs; parks including Myddleton Square in Islington.Blackpool Football Stadium, Bloomfield Road Blackpool


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