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Assistant Superintendent, or assistant superintendent of police (ASP), was a rank used by police forces in the British Empire. It was usually the lowest rank that could be held by a European officer, most of whom joined the police at this rank. In the 20th century, it was in many territories opened to non-Europeans as well. Today, this rank is found throughout The Commonwealth in police ranking structures including the UK's Scotland Yard and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Commonwealth Caribbean states. The rank is above inspector (chief inspector) and below superintendent.


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Assistant superintendent of police is still in use in India where the officer holding this rank is from Indian Police Service. However, assistant superintendent of police is a probationary rank and is worn by officers when under training at SVPNPA.

The Bahamas[edit]

In the Royal Bahamas Police this rank is above inspector and below superintendent. An ASP wears three bath stars or pips on the shoulder.


In Pakistan, an assistant superintendent of police is a selected through the Central Superior Services examination. An ASP is the entry level rank of the Police Service of Pakistan.

Sri Lanka[edit]

This rank is used in Sri Lanka where the officer is supposed to be in the Sri Lanka Police Service (where it is denoted by one, two or three stars depending on seniority) and the police forces of a number of other Commonwealth countries. In the Sri Lanka Police Service, assistant superintendent of police (ASP) is the lowest rank of commissioned officer. The rank is above the rank of chief inspector of police (CIP) and below an superintendent of police (SP). Generally an ASP would be the in command of a group of police stations in a police division.


In the Singapore Police Force, an ASP is the second lowest Senior Officer rank, immediately above an Inspector and below a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP). Fresh police officer cadets graduate from the Home Team Academy as Inspectors or ASPs depending on their educational qualification.