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Associated University Presses
Type private
Industry academic publishing
Genre humanities, literature and literary criticism
Founded 1966 (1966)
Founders Thomas Yoseloff
Headquarters Cranbury, NJ, USA
Key people Thomas Yoseloff director 1966–2000
Julien Yoseloff director 2000–
Products books
Services publishing & distribution for small university presses
Revenue US$810,000 (2008 est.)
Owners J. Yoseloff
Employees 10 (approx.)
Parent Rosemont Publishing & Printing Corp.
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Associated University Presses (AUP) is a publishing company based in the United States, formed and operated as a consortium of several American university presses. AUP was first established and incorporated in 1966, with the first titles bearing the AUP imprint appearing from 1968. There were five constituent members in the AUP consortium— Bucknell University Press, University of Delaware Press, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, Lehigh University Press, and Susquehanna University Press. Each member university press maintains its own imprint and editorial control over their published titles, while book production and distribution (both national and international) is the responsibility of AUP.

AUP is a wholly owned trading name of Rosemont Publishing & Printing Corp., the private company established in 1969 and incorporated in the state of Delaware as the corporate vehicle for the enterprise.

Over 3500 individual titles have been issued by AUP under the imprints of the constituent presses since its foundation, representing a wide cross-section of academic and scholarly fields. As of 2000 there were approximately 120 new titles being issued per year. AUP also acts as a distributor of publications from a number of institutes and organizations, such as the Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies and the Folger Shakespeare Library.


Associated University Presses was founded in 1966 by the publisher Thomas Yoseloff, a former director of University of Pennsylvania Press in the preceding decade. Yoseloff left this position with Penn Press in order to set up AUP as a publishing co-venture targeted at small- to medium-sized academic publishers. He devised an operating model whereby the central AUP office retained responsibility for business operations, distribution, printing and publishing costs, while the member presses each exercised their own control over editorial decisions, selections and title acquisitions.

The first university press to join with AUP was the university press at Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey. The FDU Press had been created in 1967 and became an AUP member shortly thereafter. This was followed by Bucknell University's press, founded in 1968 and joined with AUP the same year. University of Delaware's press signed in 1975, and Susquehanna University press in 1981. Lehigh University's press was established and joined in 1985.

Yoseloff retired from running AUP in 2000, and was succeeded in the role by his son, Julien. He died on 24 December 2007 aged 94, after a career in publishing spanning six decades.

Julien Yoseloff retired in 2010, and Associated University Presses ceased publishing new titles. Bucknell University Press, University of Delaware Press, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press and Lehigh University Press began a new distribution agreement with Rowman & Littlefield, while Susquehanna University Press ceased operations.

AUP publishes titles almost exclusively in the humanities research fields, with the bulk of its titles—some three-quarters of its accumulated publication backlist—in the sectors in literature, literary theory and literary criticism. The remainder have been in fields such as history, art history, and regional cultural studies.

Prominent academics whose works have been published by AUP include the Shakespearean biographer and scholar Samuel Schoenbaum, and Princeton professor of Japanese literature, Earl Miner.

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