Association des Veuves du Genocide

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Association des Veuves du Genocide (AVEGA) or the Association of the Widows of Genocide is a Rwandan association formed to help widows, orphans and others who lost family members in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. AVEGA was founded in October 1995 by 50 women who had survived the killings but lost their husbands. One of the organization's founders[1] has stated that she believes that "too much is expected of the victims" who, in her view, need first to be reconciled with themselves and their losses. Restitution and reparations are essential prerequisites before any consideration of reconciliation with the perpetrators.

The organisation aims to do the following:

  • To protect and promote the widows of the genocide severely tested by the atrocities made at their place
  • To undertake activities aiming at the improvement of the living conditions of the widows and their children
  • To promote solidarity acting between the members of association
  • To promote the education of the orphans of the genocide
  • To defend the rights of the widows, who they are of a social nature, economic, political and different
  • To perpetuate the memory of the victims of the genocide and to fight so that justice is returned[2]
  • To take an active part in the process of the national reconciliation and the rebuilding of the country
  • To collaborate with associations as well national as international having the same objectives as it.


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