The Association for Science Education

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The Association for Science Education
ASE Logo
Full name Association for Science Education
Founded 1963
Country United Kingdom
Office location Hatfield, UK

The Association for Science Education (ASE) is a professional association in the United Kingdom for teachers of science.[1] It formed in 1963, and currently has 29,692 members. It is a member of the UK Science Council.


The ASE has three main aims to promote education by:

  • improving the teaching of science
  • providing an authoritative medium through which opinions of teachers of science may be expressed on educational matters
  • affording a means of communication among all persons and bodies of persons concerned with the teaching of science in particular and with education in general


The ASE formed in 1963 by the merger of the Science Masters Association and the Association of Women Science Teachers. However, the ASE's traceable history dates from 1900. The first annual meeting was held in 1901 The ASE received its Royal Charter in 2004 and since then has been able to award Chartered Science Teacher status or 'CSciTeach' to science teachers who meet the criteria set by the organisation.



The ASE is committed to puplishing books, available from their online book store, for the science education market. This includes approximately 200 titles ranging from Primary to Secondary and Post 16 science education, as well as CD-ROMS.


The ASE produces four journals which not only keep members up to date with developments in science education but also provide ideas and tips for the delivery of science education. Their journals include:

  • Education in Science - the in house journal keeping members up to date with ASE developments.[2]
  • Primary Science (previously: Primary Science Review) - aimed at the primary sector, giving ideas for lessons and developments in primary science education.[3]
  • School Science Review - aimed at the secondary sector, giving ideas for lessons and developments in primary science education.[4]
  • Science Teacher Education - aimed at providers of initial teacher training and aims to inform and contribute to the development of science teacher education in all phases of education.[5]

Annual Conference[edit]

The annual conference attracts over 3000 delegates and include 350+ talks and workshops ranging from Academic lectures and exhibitions, to a social programme and themed days.


The ASE is involved with many awards including:


Current Projects include:

  • Science UPD8 (Wikid, Primary)
  • Science Across the World
  • Outdoor Science
  • Getting Practical
  • schoolscience
  • SATIS revisited
  • Global Dimensions to Science


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