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The Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL) is a Caribbean library organization founded in 1969. It is based in the José M. Lázaro Library of the University of Puerto Rico.[1]

About ACURIL[edit]

The Association of Caribbean University and Research Libraries was first created in 1969 at a conference sponsored by the Association of Caribbean Universities and the University of Puerto Rico's Institute of Caribbean Studies. The first leaders of the organization were: President Dr. Alma Theodora Jordan, Vice President Dr. Albertina Perez de Rosa, and Secretary/Treasurer Dr. Luisa Vigo-Cepeda. ACURIL supports collaboration between university and research libraries.They believe in embracing different libraries who encompass research including public libraries and special libraries.[1][2] ACURIL has been essential to professional inspiration for many librarians in the Caribbean region, providing them with continuing educational opportunities and creating a conducive environment for collaboration with other professionals.[3] Growth of regional bodies of international associations such as ACURIL has been attributed to greater international awareness after the Second World War and to the regular and affordable air transportation.[4] Its name was changed to the Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries in 1976.[2]


Any type of library, archive, organization or individual in a country that borders the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean is eligible for membership in the ACURIL organization. There are four types of membership: institutional, organizational, personal and associate. Institutional membership includes libraries, archives and schools of library and information. Organizational membership includes national, regional and other special library organizations and associations. Personal membership is for practicing information professionals, students who are enrolled in information courses of study, non salaried librarians including retired and unemployed, and honorary members. Any individuals or organizations outside of the Caribbean and borders of the Gulf of Mexico are eligible for an associate membership.[5] The main official languages of ACURIL members include English, Spanish and French.[6]


ACURIL 2014 - Bahamas

ACURIL 2013 - Puerto Rico

ACURIL 2012 - Haiti

ACURIL 2011 - Tampa, Florida, USA

ACURIL 2010-Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

ACURIL 1992-Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago[7]

ACURIL, 1987- Miami, Florida, USA.[8]


ACURIL's achievements include grouping together regional projects that work towards improving the retrieval of information that is created in the region.[2]


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