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Association of Indian Universities (AIU) is an organisation and association of major universities of India based in Delhi, to evaluate the courses, syllabi, standard and credits of foreign Universities pursued abroad and to equate them in relation to various courses offered by Indian Universities.

The AIU is mainly concerned with the recognition of Degrees/Diplomas awarded by the accredited Universities in India and abroad for the purpose of admission to higher courses at Indian Universities. The AIU is also an implementing agency for the agreements signed under the Cultural Exchange Programme executed between India and other countries in the field of education, insofar as it relates to the recognition of foreign qualifications (except for medicine and allied courses).

Its opinion as to legitimacy or recognition of any foreign qualification is not binding upon anyone, as it is neither a statutory body, nor a part of the government. It is in fact a society registered under the societies act.

UK Master's programmes are not recognised by the AIU for the reason that they are of one-year duration.[1] This prevents Indian students having UK Master's degrees to pursue higher studies like Ph.D. programmes in India[2]

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