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The Content Marketing Association (The CMA) (formerly known as Association of Publishing Agencies (APA)) is a not-for-profit trade body that promotes the interests of companies involved in content marketing. The CMA is the industry body representing publishing and content marketing agencies in the UK. The CMA promote all aspects of content marketing and act on behalf of their member companies, who produce online, offline and digital content for some of the world's leading brands. The CMA also use our experience and expertise to advise agencies wishing to enter the world of content marketing, an industry that's now worth in excess of £4bn in the UK alone.


The CMA is based in London and is run by Clare Hill, CEO. It is situated in Kirby Street, Farringdon, in the London Borough of Islington.

Mission Statement[edit]

Promoting the excellence of the content marketing industry and the value of member agencies and organisations specialising in developing effective editorial engagements for brands. As the future looks bright for the content marketing industry, so it does for the CMA. New initiatives are being conceived, planned and launched, with our existing Summit and Awards events gaining in popularity and exposure every year. Meanwhile, there's a huge amount of work being done in the area of research, with a number of studies into the industry being commissioned and worked upon - studies that will give its members vital advantages when securing new business and push the content marketing industry forward into a prosperous future.

APA Services[edit]

APA ASK[edit]

APA ASK is the APA’s free client consultancy service which helps potential clients new to the customer publishing industry draw up a pitch list.

APA Planners[edit]

APA Planners are part of an initiative by the APA to improve communication with media agencies and lure more business to the industry. The initiative encompasses services for planners such as monthly briefings and seminars, a dedicated website and an extension of APA ASK.

APA Digital[edit]

APA Digital supports the membership’s digital growth and expertise. APA agencies work with brands to create customer relationships through digital content across a range of platforms and technical solutions.

APA Events[edit]

The APA organize a number of events throughout the year, all of which either promote the medium of customer publishing to clients or help their members do business in a more effective way. These events include an annual Marketing Directors conference, monthly Digital Breakfasts, regular Affiliate Member Seminars and the annual International Customer Publishing Awards.

The Digital Audit[edit]

In 2007, the APA commissioned the APA Digital Audit to provides an in-depth measurement of the role of digital within the customer publishing industry. An independent digital research agency conducted a digital audit of all members assessing their online credentials. The audit results showed an increasing appetite for digital content from customer publishers.[1]link rot

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