Association of Texas Small School Bands

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The Association of Texas Small School Bands (ATSSB) is a musical organization dedicated to promoting the interests of small school bands in the state of Texas.

ATSSB was created in 1991. Membership is limited to band directors and assistant directors in those high schools which the University Interscholastic League classifies as AAA or below, or middle schools feeding into such high schools. ATSSB is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Although ATSSB was formed out of frustration with the Texas Music Educators Association (believing it, and especially its All-State Band, to be dominated by the larger AAAA and AAAAA schools), the two organizations regularly work together to promote music education in Texas.

ATSSB meets twice each year in General Session - once in February and once in July. In addition, the ATSSB All-State Bands rehearse and perform in San Antonio in February. Each year, ATSSB hosts an audition process to select two high school all-state bands and a jazz band.

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