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The Association of Title Examiners (ATE) is a professional association of individuals involved in the title insurance industry in Pennsylvania. The ATE consists of individuals from every major aspect of the title insurance industry, but focuses more on issues affecting title searching and examination than its sister organization the Pennsylvania Land Title Association (PLTA).

The ATE is focused primarily is southeastern Pennsylvania and holds regular monthly dinner meetings on the third Thursday of every month from September through May in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.


The group of title searchers and examiners that eventually became the ATE began meeting informally in Philadelphia in 1939. The group's primary purpose was to educate itself about the rules and regulations affecting real estate as they related to the government records they were required to search and report on as part of their jobs. The early members, as well as the companies they worked for, were based primarily in Philadelphia although many searchers frequently traveled outside of the city to conduct research on properties located in the surrounding suburban counties.

In 1942, the sustained interest in the regular meetings prompted several members to form the group as the Association of Title Examiners. This effort was accomplished primarily by Charles Zarrigan, an attorney with Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, who was also primarily responsible for the drafting of his company's underwriting manual. Charles also wrote the first set of ATE by-laws and held the presidency for most of the organization's early existence until his death in 1963.

From the time of the death of Charles Zarrigan until the 1990s, the ATE went through various periods of fluctuation in membership due to the fluctuating real estate market and changing business dynamics in the title insurance industry. During at least one point in the 60s and one in the 70s, the group almost disappeared entirely due to a lack of participation. Many similar organizations in other states actually did dissolve around this time for the same reasons. However, by the 1990s, the ATE was firmly established and now works is conjunction with its one-time rival and now sister organization the PLTA [].


The ATE serves as both an educational and social organization. The monthly meeting usually includes a guest speaker on a title insurance related industry topic - although technology and associated real estate topics are frequently featured. Each year there is also a summer and winter outing sponsored by the group for its membership that is held somewhere in the Philadelphia area.

The highlight of the year for the ATE is its annual Spring Seminar which is usually held in April or May. It is an accredited seminar for CE and CLE credits and usually has attendance of between 100 and 150 real estate professionals from southeastern Pennsylvania as well as other nearby states.

Annual Awards[edit]

Title Person of the Year[edit]

2015: TBA, 2014: Chuck Travis, 2013: Larry Jones, 2012: Award not given, 2011: Larry Harbison, SCTE, 2010: Terry Frantz, 2009: William J. Drobins, 2008: Kevin Toland, SCTE, 2007:________________ 2006: Joan Stevens, 2005:________________

William Kassell Scholarship[edit]

2015: TBA, 2014: Chris Doocey 2013: Cindy Cochran 2012: Award not given 2011: Chuck Travis 2010: Matt Daly, CTE 2009: _____________ 2008: Amy Webb 2007: Steven Gratman, CTE 2006: Judy Sammon 2005: _______________

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